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There has been quite a bit of conversation about our offensive output, both pro and con. I would really like to know where the membership is concerning Georgia offensive football and maybe a couple of reasons for those thoughts. Has always been easy to say "I told you so", of that approach I am not a booster. Changes that effect one's thoughts prior to the beginning of the season somehow keep board conversations in focus . . . . for a long time. One thing for sure, this subject will not disappear overnight, nor should that be the case.
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5 months 4 weeks ago #80867 by sadlerdawg
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Just read grad transfer TE Tre Mckitty is coming from FSU... hope he's counting on offensive changes too

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Averagedawgs post just got my attention on how long CKS has known about Fromms decision, and the more I think about it it makes sense that the south carolina game might have been the tipping point for the lack of offensive production and thus a question as to what was affecting the team. It doesnt hold water to me that the staff seemingly was able to do something about the lackluster performances by changing the offense and seemingly didnt make the effort, Was there a crack in the seam? Was it too late to correct and make a difference? I personally am confused as to what could have that profound of an effect on the one facet of our game that was pretty consistent to that point? Our Qb's head might have been in the wrong place is the only thing I can come up with after all the Games after that one that just didnt look right. It only stands to reason. Sorry to be long winded but I needed to get that out.

I think the changes that have been made over the last couple of weeks point to a definitely different mindset. Can you remember the last time we actually went after not one ,but two, tightends? And from what I can tell they are going to get the ball thrown at em. I expect we'll see more from the transfer portal in the coming weeks.

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!! GATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 months 4 weeks ago #80869 by Wartdawg
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Buc, I can only reiterate what I said earlier about why Newman would come here if we were't changing the offense: Highest profile spot available in NCAAF and we will highlight his ability to be productive in the pocket.

I don't think this program had to promise changes to get a guy from Wake Forest to come here.

As far as opposite sides of a fence... I don't really look at it that way. I just haven't fully climb down on your side yet. The reason I haven't is simple and consistent.

I said he would get a Mulligan for 2016.

I was okay with what happened at the end of 2017.. a couple of questionable coaching moves were fine.. learning moments..and then a player failing to do his job in the NC game. Everything was on track.

Then came 2018 and I was up front about starting to hold the coaching responsible, and some really bad calls were made in crucial moments and I started noticing a rigidity in our offensive game planning.. I wished for more adaptability.

For 2019 I said no more excuses, and I wanted to see changes made with our new OC and our refusal to do anything differently. Quite frankly... I think we failed that test, and then the excuses came. As much as I understand our WR depth problem, we still called games the exact same way and never evolved. Our WR's who had to step in showed very little development. We had some experience at TE, but continued to under-utilize it.

So for 2020 my friend, I hope you are correct; but I am not giving any benefit of a doubt to
Kirby and I am not swayed by talk. I'm not saying things won't change either.. I'll just believe it when I actually see it.

We play to a standard - Kirby Smart

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5 months 4 weeks ago #80870 by yankeedawg1
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This thread has reached the “Timex” level.....just keeps on ticking..

Absolutely....believe the subject of Jake leaving his senior year

was discussed during the lunches shared between HC and QB...

Bet the farm Jake told HC his plans way before anyone else..

HC .... uses another one of my pillars of life ... “Plan for worst.... hope for the best “.....

Kirby admitted he didn’t have a plan “B” when he didn’t recruit and

sign enough WR ‘s to cover losses to injury and early departures..

HC is committed to developing quality depth at all positions...

Seems we have found the next Goggles....Jared Zirkel from Texas.

Jared was making 55yd FG as a high school freshman...

Also a good thing our punter has rounded in to a quality SEC punter..

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!

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5 months 4 weeks ago #80871 by averagedawg
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Something happened to Jake around the USC game. The offense never really clicked and frankly, leadership sucked.
You can’t put it all on Fromm but it is what it is.
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