Dawg Talk from Athens and Beyond

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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 22-01-21
    • Good Day All, I admit that when I first heard the news coming out of Knoxville about cash being paid to recruits in McDonald’s bags .... I said....How stupid..... did they actually believe that nobody would leak...
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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 15-01-21
    • Pruitt out at UT. UGA is only 10 games behind them in all time wins and 13 behind USC. Two good years and UGA could be #9 on the all time list behind plummeting Penn State and Nebraska.
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    • Dawgs getting serious
    • I think we all were frustrated with you. I tried to put a happy spin on it because I love Hobbits. But in the end UGA like Alabama or Clemson has to be elite at the QB position and Rudy was not elite. He has great hair...
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    • Bowl week 2021....and beyond
    • Yes it is clear offense is absolutely critical. But having a big stud in the middle who can blow plays up certainly helps as well. If Jordan Davis works hard he will be a top 10 pick the next draft because he already has...
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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 08-01-21
    • Good summary. I am excited these guys are coming back. If Davis works on getting after the QB he could make Geno Atkins type money and impact. UGA will likely have the best QB in conference for a change. And talent...
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    • Happy for the win. The defense in the second half was almost perfect. With all that beef and all those star along the offensive line they should be able to run the ball better. But a win is a win.

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Dawg Recruiting News

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    • Daijun Edwards
    • Buc.... I know you been high on this recruit for some time.. Has the pedigree to be the bell cow of our RB’s. Strong work ethic sounds like a model of Nick Chubb.. Like the players choosing Georgia.... Had my disagreements with HC.... but man and his staff can recruit... final and missing step for years.. The ability to coach’m....up.... fingers crossed CKS ... has grown out of his stubbornness.... stay tuned... Go Dawgs
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    • Daijun Edwards
    • #33, I like a lot. Appears Coach Monken likes Daijon a lot also.
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    • Daijun Edwards
    • Sedrick Van Pran Granger is now a Georgia Bulldog. SVP's signing with UGA also speaks well for Coach Luke keeping these early Sam Pittman recruits in State.
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    • Daijun Edwards
    • Broderick Jones makes it official, also . . . . nice things were said by Jones about Coach Luke. Coaching changeover seems to have worked well for Georgia.