Dawg Talk from Athens and Beyond

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    • Monsoon Bowl II
    • Looking ahead to Saturday’s weather here in Athens .... 50% chance of rain Temp low 50’s....... being an optimist....that means we have A 50% chance of missing the rain....I will be watching how this plays out as...
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    • We Dawg fans have become super spoiled... In just four short years.... OK.....we deserve to be ....after wandering In mediocrity for so many years..... as you correctly pointed out.. 2020...... Dawgs be better ........
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    • From Athens - Game Day Friday # 12
    • This has been a strange year for the Dawgs, either teams that should'nt pose a problem for us miraculously get better, or we still play down to our competition as in the past. Hopefully we will play up to our potential...
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    • 2017 Fromm was a true Freshman and we really limited what we let him do. 2018 we had a deep and experienced receiver corp and a coordinator with an outdated and limited playbook (still) but managed to be the 14th ranked...
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    • I also look at our use of the TE. Coley is a TE guy, but Chaney never really was. That too indicates these are Chaney's schemes. Lifted the above from your last post. Below is an article from Rivals. One of the comments...
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    • From Athens - Game Day Friday # 9
    • After I bought this grill 6 years ago I have used it practically every weekend and some week days that I could. There is ,in my opinion, no other way to grill, and the food is unmistakeably better than what I was ever...
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    • The Georgia/gator game was on television this afternoon . . . . SEC Network. Usually when watching a game the second time I do not watch the entire game, do some picking and choosing. This game I watched most of the replay...
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    • From Athens - Game Day Friday # 8
    • Read that about Fromm saying "if fans expect us to come out and... 180 degrees.. etc" I hope no one from UGA reads comments from around here and thinks that's what anyone has said or wants, because it's not.

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Weather in the Classic City of Athens Georgia

Tuesday Night


66 47
Mostly Sunny
66 54
Mostly Cloudy
67 41
Rain Showers Likely
62 38
Mostly Sunny
59 40
Mostly Sunny

Dawg Recruiting News

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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Corey Wren is a football player. Watch the video below, young man wants to be on the field every play, not just offense. Corey also has that God given talent that coaches don't teach . . . . speed. Incredible speed that will definitely have Sanford Stadium "rocking" when he wears the Red and Black. Welcome Corey Wren. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9486956/5a246367bd6abe0574dc8c81
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Absolutely...Buc........ If there’s a HS player with size and talent....anywhere... Our coaching staff will find them... And it’s already starting the talented kids are seeking us out.. Much has and is changing in the Classic City.... all part of the process... Clemson and Alabama checking their rear view mirror...finding it filled with hungry Dawgs chasing them down.. Go Dawgs
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • A big plus for Georgia if Andrew Raym chooses to wear the Red and Black. Big man, playing tackle on most snaps, can see Raym being groomed to play center under Coach Pittman. Big frame, another 20 pounds does not slow him up in my opinion. Reaching into Oklahoma and signing Andrew would also add to a growing message that Smart and Company are looking nation wide for talent. Yep, much has changed in Athens, Georgia. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7612106/5a1cc99fbd6af20ba496993f
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Coach Scott is coming into his own as he becomes more seasoned. Can remember some who questioned his hire..... HC saw promise Invested in his ability to grow...... process continues.... Go Dawgs
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Coach Scott wants Jacolbe to wear the Red and Black. Impressive player. Watching the video below, Cowan never or almost never takes his eyes off of the ball. Rarely if ever out of position. Plays both the run and pass exceptionally well. Seems to have that "thing" about quarterbacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6clFH-xSm8

Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Football Schedule

Date Opponent / Event Location
08/31/19 Vanderbilt Nashville, Tenn
09/07/19 Murray State Sanford Stadium
09/14/19 Arkansas State Sanford Stadium
09/21/19 Notre Dame Sanford Stadium
10/05/19 Tennessee Volunteers Knoxville, Tenn
10/12/19 South Carolina Sanford Stadium
10/19/19 Kentucky Sanford Stadium
11/02/19 Florida Gators Jacksonville, Fl
11/09/19 Missouri Sanford Stadium
11/16/19 Auburn Tigers Auburn, Ala.
11/23/19 Texas A&M Sanford Stadium
11/30/19 Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA