Dawg Talk from Athens and Beyond

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    • Sam Pittman leaving UGA
    • Spot on mentioning Jeremy Pruitt along with Sam Pittman, SouthernDawg. Both had positive effects on our program, while managing to upset Greg McGarity. Shannon good to hear from you again.
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    • Seth Emerson is usually very close to the truth when discussing SEC football, especially close to the Georgia Football happenings. Below is what Seth has posted for all to read. Can confirm on my end that Sam Pittman has...
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    • From Athens - SECCG Game Day Friday
    • SD...... great observation.... As I posted earlier....The Benz is Sanford West....Dawgs second home the last three years... Plus we played NC in that house also..... Jake and the Dawgs no what it’s like to play on...
    • From Athens- SECCG week
    • Awe Yank, meant for that post to come across a little more as "good natured" trolling. Hey, I'm happy for you guys. Maybe this will be the year.
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    • Mike Bobo to South Carolina ?
    • Another side of season coming to a close.. Coaches carousel....... Wheel of Fortune..... Bobo has some health issues ... he may want to take a break To enjoy his family ...which as I remember is rather large.......
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    • “It’s awesome to have our defense be as good as they are. It really takes a lot of pressure off us to score every drive. I guess it’s a bad thing to know they’re good enough to win us games. We need to put more...
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    • Thanksgivings wishes from Athens
    • Never quite understood/understand the situation with Demetris Robertson. Watched a lot of film on him playing in California, thought his return to Georgia was going to be a big time positive. Left high school with a lot of...

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Weather in the Classic City of Athens Georgia

Sunday Night
Chance Rain
Chance Rain Showers
56 56
Rain Showers Likely
71 47
Slight Chance Rain Showers
56 38
Mostly Cloudy
49 36
Chance Rain
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57 41

Dawg Recruiting News

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    • Tight End
    • Buc...shared many a mile with you here... You have had that felling about several other recruits... Been spot on more often that not... Scooby and some of the heads sre yacking..that the Outcome of this game might have a negative effect on Recruiting.....horse hockey.... no recruit worth his jock would Base a career decision on one game....nope imho... Can I get on the field early.. Will you teach and develop my talent so I can make it to The next level....way more important.. And...do all this for a winning program.....that’s in the hunt Year after year......Go Dawgs
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    • Tight End
    • Don't ordinarily do this . . . . I really hope that Theo Johnson selects Georgia to play college football. You guys know how it works . . . . sometimes we get a "gut feeling" about a certain player or players. Also, have a feeling that the "other tight end" we have been courting will sign with Alabama. Could end up with egg on my face, will not be the first or last time. Have said several times that I really like Dominick Blalock, and do think that he is going to be "all that" in Athens. Blalock has shown some of "all that" as a Freshman. I have the same "gut feelings" about Theo Johnson. If Theo Johnson signs with us, believe it will make some of "our" wishes come true. Major wish . . . . use the tight end for more than blocking. Tight ends need to block, and they will be used a lot against LSU in that capacity providing added protection for Jake Fromm. Good read below from Jeff Sentell. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/recruiting/nations-no-3-te-theo-johnson-has-set-his-commitment-date https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXd5b4heMs
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Corey Wren is a football player. Watch the video below, young man wants to be on the field every play, not just offense. Corey also has that God given talent that coaches don't teach . . . . speed. Incredible speed that will definitely have Sanford Stadium "rocking" when he wears the Red and Black. Welcome Corey Wren. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9486956/5a246367bd6abe0574dc8c81
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • Absolutely...Buc........ If there’s a HS player with size and talent....anywhere... Our coaching staff will find them... And it’s already starting the talented kids are seeking us out.. Much has and is changing in the Classic City.... all part of the process... Clemson and Alabama checking their rear view mirror...finding it filled with hungry Dawgs chasing them down.. Go Dawgs
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    • 2019 and Beyond . . . .
    • A big plus for Georgia if Andrew Raym chooses to wear the Red and Black. Big man, playing tackle on most snaps, can see Raym being groomed to play center under Coach Pittman. Big frame, another 20 pounds does not slow him up in my opinion. Reaching into Oklahoma and signing Andrew would also add to a growing message that Smart and Company are looking nation wide for talent. Yep, much has changed in Athens, Georgia. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7612106/5a1cc99fbd6af20ba496993f

Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Football Schedule

Date Opponent / Event Location
08/31/19 Vanderbilt Nashville, Tenn
09/07/19 Murray State Sanford Stadium
09/14/19 Arkansas State Sanford Stadium
09/21/19 Notre Dame Sanford Stadium
10/05/19 Tennessee Volunteers Knoxville, Tenn
10/12/19 South Carolina Sanford Stadium
10/19/19 Kentucky Sanford Stadium
11/02/19 Florida Gators Jacksonville, Fl
11/09/19 Missouri Sanford Stadium
11/16/19 Auburn Tigers Auburn, Ala.
11/23/19 Texas A&M Sanford Stadium
11/30/19 Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA