Dawg Talk from Athens and Beyond

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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 19-02-21
    • Good Day All, Attendance allowed for G-game to be the same as our regular season home games last fall.. Tickets can be purchased online for $10.00. Money raised will go to local charities ..... Be a worthwhile outing in...
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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 12-02-21
    • Good Day All, A lull as moved in …. Quiet at this time of year is a good thing …. Coaching staff is in place and is hard at work. Amazing we had to replace only one assistant …. That might change at the end of...
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    • This and that
    • Man having Davis chase you must be terrifying. If he can get a little stronger and faster and maybe a little leaner he could be the best we have had including Geno Atkins. His ceiling is high.
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    • Dawgs getting serious
    • That is fair. I think Kirby was just a defensive guy at heart and he believed game manager with an elite defense would always win. The game has changed and that is not enough though what happened to the Kansas City...
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    • GUNNER
    • I am with you there. Honestly if he keeps the O line strong and has an elite QB then WR and RB should take care of itself to an extent. I saw a picture of the Alabama QBs warming up from a few years ago. It was Tua,...
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    • From Athens- Friday Thoughts 05-02-21
    • Good Day All, HC announced that his teammate Will Muschamp has joined his staff as an analyst for the defense.... a not on the field position... Will has a record for the development of defensive players IMHO... Kirby...

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Weather in the Classic City of Athens Georgia

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Dawg Recruiting News

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    • Daijun Edwards
    • Buc.... I know you been high on this recruit for some time.. Has the pedigree to be the bell cow of our RB’s. Strong work ethic sounds like a model of Nick Chubb.. Like the players choosing Georgia.... Had my disagreements with HC.... but man and his staff can recruit... final and missing step for years.. The ability to coach’m....up.... fingers crossed CKS ... has grown out of his stubbornness.... stay tuned... Go Dawgs
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    • Daijun Edwards
    • #33, I like a lot. Appears Coach Monken likes Daijon a lot also.