Thoughts leading up to the Sugar Bowl

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I mean this as a sincere compliment.... spot on with your

Truthful observation.... stay well...Happy New Year to you and yours.

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!

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kentdaddy wrote:
Fromm never looked right to me. He was throwing high or low when coming into this year his scouting high point was accuracy. Not sure if he had some undisclosed injury or he just regressed.

Also I was underwhelmed with the run blocking. The Great Wall of Georgia simply should have been able to push people out of the way. They seemed to do a decent job of pass blocking statistically. Maybe they were not as good as advertised?

A couple of thoughts here that I've said before;

Fromm didn't just up and forget how to throw. We run a lot of timing and option routes. When you have receivers flatten out too much or round off what is supposed to be a sharp cut, or when your receiver decides to turn a post into a skinny post when it isn't expected: throws end up being short, long, and all over the place. When they take a 10 yard out and turn it into a 12 yard out and when they stop coming back on comebacks.. same thing. Jake must have solid footwork and when the timing was off as it so often was, then he's feet were not ready. I get the receiver issues as they were real, but what bothered me from the coaching side was they never seemed to get better and we never adjusted to get away from the patterns that were not being executed properly.

The run-blocking... When 75% of your runs come from a QB read look with a QB that is ZERO threat to run... when no one respects your passing game, and when your play calling is predictable; your run blocking is going to be inconsistent. There also exists this fallacy that Sam Pittman lines should just be able to manhandle any D-line. This is not true as it's not 1995-2003 any longer. No line in CFB can just go shove around top SEC D-lines at will, and especially not under the 2019 UGA circumstances noted above.

We play to a standard - Kirby Smart

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