Thoughts leading up to the Sugar Bowl

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This link is to a blog assessing the tenure of Kirby Smart and the prospects for the future. It is well written and insightfully presented. Well worth the time to read.... And like me, you'll probably have a new follow on Twitter.

# GoDawgs
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SimD.... link was omitted....

Go Dawgs!
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No link, and I don't twitter.

As I've set back and analyzed this season more, I am still amazed at our lack of production from so many WR's.

While it's probably not popular as Coley has some strong supporters here, I am still shocked by the lack of help from the coaching staff as well. Now maybe we can place that blame on Kirby for setting the governors on the offense, but folks.. there is a problem here.

That offense never did much of anything different scheme-wise. Blah blah identity whatever, but there were things that could have been done and still maintained our run first identity. The more I replay it all, the more shocked I am by the complete lack of imagination. It was nothing other than head butting a brick wall.

The Sugar Bowl? I'll give them about 10 minutes to show me they care about being there and then I'll make the game vs movie decision. I'm not wasting my time on the same BS I saw last year.

We play to a standard - Kirby Smart

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Same here. No Twitter, no interest in it. No offense meant Simpledawg. I just don't do the Twitter thing.

Count me out as a Coley supporter. This year was a disgraceful offensive showing. If there had been signs of hope or improvement as the season went on, I'd be far more patient and open about him as OC. But you know when you're doing a side by side comparison of Coley's offense vs. Shoddy's offense, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Have said quite enough in other threads on my position regarding his future at UGA. Perhaps, and I'm not holding out hope, but perhaps there will be some personnel changes after the Sugar Bowl when Kirby said it becomes time to "evaluate everything." I'm less than optimistic evaluating everything means making personnel changes, and slightly more optimistic that it includes offensive scheme changes

Sugar Bowl will have my interest for about 10 minutes then I'm calling it a night. Season ended December 7 for me. The winter red & black game can go on and end up however it ends up. Best of luck to the Dawgs, or should I say, the Dawgs that chose to show up & play.

Happy New Year to all my Dawg brethren here
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Count me in as one that wants to keep Coach James Coley.

There are reasons that many of us are either for or against retaining Coley. That list would probably be lengthy both pro and con when it comes to our offensive coordinator. That is an understatement for sure.

If Coach Smart was to release Coley, it would not only surprise me, it would not make a lot of sense at this point.

Does Coley understand offensive football, especially at the SEC level . . . . hard for me to judge when he has had one year wearing the big hat. Not going to make excuses one way or the other for Coley. Do want to see Kirby Smart make an educated decision based on FACTS.

One thing that I know for sure and can appreciate is this . . . . Kirby Smart is one of the top coaches in college football when it comes to defensive play calling, and building. Little doubt he is all that, Nick Saban said so more than once, and Saban understands SEC football and those that teach defense. That is where I tend to part ways with Smart as one of the overall best college coaches when it comes to the other side of the ball.

For instance . . . . why did Coach Smart hire James Coley? After last years offensive coordinator departed for Tennessee, went head to head with Jimbo Fisher prior to the 2019 season for Coley's services. Not a pig in a poke from where I sit. Would be hard for me to believe that hiring James Coley as offensive coordinator happened solely because Smart did not want Fisher and Texas A&M to hire Coley. If that was the case, what does that say for or about Head Coach Kirby Smart? Just wondering aloud.

I "loudly" posted on that year four (4) should be the point in time that Kirby Smart's time in Athens should produce a winner. Well, Kirby has produced a winner in Athens, every year so far. Not what I was hoping for totally, but I have seen all around improvement in our program.

It took Nick Saban's hiring of Lane Kiffin to change the way Alabama rearranged their program. Yes, that was hiring "another" offensive coordinator. Does that apply to what is being discussed about Coley? Can't answer that, as said in this thread, will not take long to find out. Do I think that we will find out in this years Sugar Bowl? Nope. Would be surprised to see any coaching movement until "all angles" have been thoroughly gone over.

There is a lot more that can be said in this thread, speaking frankly, would like to go into this further and approach the discussion as we have many times in the past. Makes for good reading and posting. Brings out the best in all of us.

My vote is to keep Coach James Coley and allow "him" to run the offense without second thoughts on whether to "run or pass", or scheme the way he knows how. Jimbo Fisher wanted James Coley for more than recruiting. Jimbo is an offensive minded head coach and has had some very good results in his years of coaching. Fisher was willing to turn those duties over to Coley.

Appears that there will be a lot of talent residing in Athens after bowl season. From where I sit, hoping that Coach Coley gets to utilize that talent with a free hand. Hoping that Jake Fromm returns to Athens, otherwise not sure about those that will replace Jake.

We will see.
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I could be totally off base, but I think Jake is the kind of player that would have let the coaches know if he wasn't coming back so they could recruit accordingly. Not that they aren't looking for QBs, but big difference to a 5-star if the current QB is coming back or not. That is my biggest concern right now, who is the next man up at QB whether 2020 or 2021. All 4 playoff teams had stud QBs.

One thing I think is for sure - Gators and Vols aren't moving backward, so if the 'dawgs aren't getting better, they're getting caught up to.

Go ;dawgs!
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