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2017 Fromm was a true Freshman and we really limited what we let him do.

2018 we had a deep and experienced receiver corp and a coordinator with an outdated and limited playbook (still) but managed to be the 14th ranked offense.

2019 I think we got the right guy as coordinator (at least better), but we lost a ton of experience at WR and these guys have made some big turnover
creating mistakes. I also think Kirby is intentionally trying to stay a bit too conservative because of that lack of experience.

As mentioned earlier... if these receivers can show they've learned some things we will be okay.

The only thing I've never really quite gotten a grasp on however is our lack of tight end and running back use in the passing game. I can't really offer any answers there. To me its the best way
to compensate for the young wide outs.

I've about decided it's just stubbornness from someone at the top of the ladder.

We play to a standard - Kirby Smart

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