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Buc? You around bud? Haven't heard from you much.

Just getting a bit concerned. I'd have thought I'd have heard you weigh in on Saturday's debacle.
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7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #80203 by Buc
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Good morning . . . .
Below is a paragraph that you posted in the Game Day Thread that covered a lot of territory.

This is a game that is inexplicable. This was a complete systemic collapse that I haven't seen in the Smart era. We were out-coached in every facet of the game, from start to finish. We were out-hit, out-physical'd, out-hustled, out blocked, out time-out'd, out rushed, out passed, out special teams, out-everything. The offensive play calling was absolutely atrocious. Just mind-blowing atrocious. There was nothing that we did better than SC today, other than wear a nicer jersey.

Wartdawg as usual had what I feel were "insightful" thoughts on the game.

This is where I am at at this point. Have been on the soap box from the beginning supporting Kirby. Some of the luster has disappeared from my overall feelings about Kirby and late "situational" game management.

I reflected back on Georgia Tech and the way Kirby went about calling the game in his first year. Twice we appeared ready to remove the Alabama stain from our minds and hearts. LSU at their place, just another window into the overall ability of Kirby to handle game winning or losing situations. In between those games and the South Carolina game there were other calls that made me wonder. Then comes South Carolina, definitely makes me wonder about Kirby's decision(s), more than one or two.

My thoughts lead me to think that Kirby is following a process learned in Alabama. Kirby's mentor, Nick Saban at one point in time was very successful with big, bad lines both offensive and defensive, and running the football. Tiring the other team out and running over them in the third and fourth quarters. Nick however recognized the need for "change", some of that thinking coming from his hiring of Lane Kiffin. When I watch Alabama play, the Tides game has done a 180 degree turn. I do not believe that Kirby understands the offensive side of the ball as well as say, Lane Kiffin or Nick Saban at this point.

Kirby has said at several press conferences that Georgia is run first. Don't have a problem with that until . . . . Every team that faces off with us stacks the box and dares us to change our game plan. I know that we have the "talent" to do more offensively than we are doing now. Have read where some think all of the play calling falls on Coley's shoulders. Those that believe Coley has the last decision on offensive play calling are "wrong". Coley is following the "process". Yes, I believe that.

The University of Georgia has "always" had talent. That is really true now, and all of us know that Kirby is the driving force behind that. I am one that believes Coley has his hands tied. Will give one reason for that. Robertson was a highly sought after player in high school. California ended up with him. His play at California was nothing short of excellent. What happened? My opinion is that to play for Kirby, receivers have to block downfield. Nothing wrong with that, especially if we are going to follow the 2010 Nick Saban "process" of running the football. Times change, players and coaches change. Some move forward, others find themselves looking for work.

Did not mean to be so long, however I said some of the things that bother me about "moving forward". As mentioned by some, other teams are also getting larger on both the offensive and defensive lines. Sad day in this old farts life when I watch Clemson and others pass us by. Also bothers me when I watch 2 and 3 star talent take us to the woodshed.

Have said this many times on . . . . "coach'em up!" My solid opinion is Kirby has to take a good look at himself. I mentioned when Kirby arrived that he needed three years. So, we have the talent, what is missing? Maybe we have coaches that need to be allowed to "coach".

Coach 'em Up!


And this . . . .
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7 months 2 weeks ago #80204 by yankeedawg1
Replied by yankeedawg1 on topic Where's Buc? have been a mentor to me every since I arrived on ......a great amount of Georgia and football knowledge

Has been. Shared by you.... above post touches all the bases...

Going forward we will see what if anything changes with our HC...

Kirby needs to visit with the man in the mirror .......

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!
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7 months 2 weeks ago #80205 by Buc
Replied by Buc on topic Where's Buc?
I sincerely hope that I do not leave the impression that we need to start looking around for a coach or coaches. Truly believe that we have a really good staff in Athens. Would not be totally honest if I did not mention this . . . . something that I have noticed in a couple of TV games.

Realizing that Kirby cut his teeth on playing and coaching defense. Do not believe that he has shown in his time in Athens that he has mastered the offensive side of the ball. Brings me to this . . . . couple of times I have noticed on called timeouts that the defense comes to the sidelines and rather than Dan Lanning being surrounded by the team, Kirby moves in and Coach Lanning all but disappears. Might be there is a reason for that. I can however remember watching Kirby coaching for Saban and the players surrounded Kirby and Saban stood aside. Maybe Kirby knows more than anyone about everything, not being cute, just feel that he is trying to run everything and that is not a good thing in the long run. These coaches can coach, they understand the game of football.

Also feel that any time a team has a large number of highly rated players, playing time on Saturdays becomes a huge issue. Slow starts in games sometimes causes coaches to revert back to playing the young men that they believe are the best of the best. Simply said, the coaches choices. Also understand that. These very talented young men that are highly recruited by every successful college in the country do not believe the bench is where they should be. It is also said that those that practice well see the field on Saturdays. That does not always hold water.

Have to say this . . . . Coach Kirby Smart seems to have an issue with remaining on the sidelines. While I appreciate his exuberance, speaking for myself, don't want to see him get any more sideline warnings concerning his sideline demeanor.

If and when Kirby's game calling matches his greatness in recruiting high school and JC talent, we will truly be ready to compete often for the NATTY. Speaking of which will soon reach eight teams. I believe this pay for play will speed that process up. Going to be a lot of movement in college football.
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7 months 2 weeks ago #80206 by SimpleDawg
Replied by SimpleDawg on topic Where's Buc?
Right on target, Buc.....

For quite awhile, I've been complaining about in-game mismanagement, unimaginative offense, and not always being ready to play.

All of those things came together versus the Gamecocks. Were the 4 TO's the cause for the loss, or merely a by-product of the real issues with this year's team? I'm thinking that, with better coaching and schemes, those TOs either wouldn't have happened or not the number. Fromm forced more passes and had more bad reads than I recall from any other game - part is on him, but part of it is coaching.

The team wasn't ready to play in the Sugar Bowl, and they weren't ready to play Saturday. That's coaching.

Without a serious change of course, this season will get a lot worse......
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7 months 2 weeks ago #80207 by SimpleDawg
Replied by SimpleDawg on topic Where's Buc?
The only coaching changes that need to be made are within Kirby, how he coaches his coaches, and then allowing them to do their jobs.

One guy doing too much produces a poor result.
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