Darth Visor and the Chickens

18 years 5 months ago #91 by oledawg
Darth Visor and the Chickens was created by oledawg
Here's what I saw from between the goal posts with no instant replay. We ran the ball between the tackles very well. The counter trap was diagnosed by USC and they put a stop to it. Straight ahead we ran over people. DJ had his confidence shaken in this game. He tried to force things to happen rather than being patient an letting them happen, then getting the ball to the open guy. The tipped ball for the USC score was a fluke and I really hate tipped balls because you never know whats going to happen. When we had 3rd and forever for a first late in the game he was patient and threw for a first. Good job on that one, the rest of the time he was trying to force the ball with ballistics that would make the army proud instead of letting Pope or whomever get free on the crossing routes. The defense was good once we started getting pressure from our DEs and pounding the USC QB. We blitzed Greg and they picked it up very well and hit the open guy over the middle where Blue usually was. We held on the the ball pretty well when we got it but we need to crank it up a notch for the rest of the season.

Imagine that, we are tied with Vanderbilt in the SEC east. I imagine CMR will have a few corrections to employ this week to fix some things. Ugly win but a win just the same. I would have like to have beaten the mouth from the south by 44 but we gave him a well deserved welcome to his return to SEC football.

Was a long but happy ride back to Obnoxville from UGA. Finally got the time to go to Butts Mehre, very nice. It right across from my ole grammer school.

I hope we continue to improve and learn from each game. Go DAWGS!!!!

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I agree. I saw DJ getting anxious. I hope he chills out a little.

I like being the under Dawgs. It takes the pressure off. Now if our rise in rankings does not go to our head we should be able to continue on a steady pace. There are some tough opponents coming up.

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18 years 5 months ago #94 by southgadawg
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I kinda like the fact that we made darth visor sweat until the end. Although i woulda have liked to hang about 50 over that ol' visor of his. The Dawgs shoulda won by more but a win is still a win with 1 point or 50. I do feel we maybe get the bighead after a huge win every year. Hince last year's LSU game. Played hard and like a SEC contender but didn't finish off the hated Vols. The Dawgs will improve and hopefully D.J. will settle and make smart passes. Interception return yesterday was not his fault! A tipped ball is out of control!

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