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Beck does look a bit hesitant.

Vandagriff comes in looks to sling it immediately in contrast. 

Damn right Vandagriff comes in & wants to sling it. That dude is switched on the moment he gets on the field, running up and down his line, yelling the play, pointing out defenders crowding the ends. He comes in like a guy that has poise and purpose, intensity and intent. 

kentdaddy wrote:
I am betting the offense is running vanilla on purpose.

Why do we play down to the competition? This was a HUGE pet peeve of mine under Richt - we would constantly eek by a team we should have dominated, and every  now and again one of those would bite us in the arse. And I want to be clear, I am not saying we didn't dominate UTM or BS. But when you have seen in the on-field product of what it takes to win championships, you immediately notice the things present that don't win you championships. And getting our front line thrown around by an FCS team is absolutely, utterly, and totally inexcusable. Kirby tried to make some excuses for the running game by re-defining the run game to include RPO "extensions" of the run game. Yeah, sell that somewhere else. He wasn't using that weak BS when he had Nick Chubb and Sony Michel running for him. We all knew what a run game was - when you hand the ball off to that big sumbitch in the backfield and he ground pounds it for 20 yards splitting the tackles and makes the other team pay. That's a run game. Kirby can take these RPO 'run game extensions' and sell that nonsense somewhere else. 

Running a thin playbook doesn't excuse our offensive line looking soft and pliable. Of all the things I'm worried about right now, it's the o-line. The long time dawgs on this forum dating back to the Donnan era have been locked in on the importance (and for years, the deficiency) of having a dominant line of scrimmage. 

KD - I'll give you a week on your hypothesis that we're just "holding off" and running a vanilla playbook. Saturday at 3:30 we better damned well see the real playbook, and it better look like the one Todd Monken ran last year. We've been assured it will be. Let's see it. 
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The Line does look terrible right now.

That is my biggest concern. They should be dominating everyone and they are not.

I am not seeing anyone of the Nick Chubb caliber coming out of that back field right now though.

Beck seems like he wants to be everyones friend while the ginger assassin is a dirty pirate hooker who wants to pillage the defense.
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Let’s face it, Nick Chubb caliber is pretty hard to find, and the comparison isn’t real fair to the other player.  The closest RB that we have is Robinson when and if he gets and stays healthy, he has a load of potential.  Dillon Bell ain’t no slouch either, he has to make up his mind about being a RB.   I’m not telling any of you something that you don’t already know, but, our OL has got to make some holes for these RBs to run thru or this conversation gets uglier as the year plays out.


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