SEC Media Days & Approaching Fall Camp

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Yeah there's a lot of question marks surrounding this season. I really like the AP #3 ranking we're sitting at behind Bama & the Bucknuts.

I think both Bama and Ohio State are loaded this year, and as confident as everyone seemed to be preseason last year that it was Georgia's year, on paper, I kind of feel the same way about those two teams. But of course, pure statistical power always gives way to the unknown variables that a season brings - injuries, position battles, upsets, road games, disciplinary problems, etc.

Georgia has a cupcake schedule this year, which will not endear them well to the playoff committee if they run the table but lose to Bama in the SEC championship game this year.

I agree about the opener - Georgia thumps Oregon pretty hard. But, we're catching them at the perfect time. Wait until Lanning has 2-3 seasons under his belt there and that game is nowhere near as secure.

I think the real achilles heel for us this year is going to be inexperience and how fast the wide receivers mature. I look for Monken to utilize the tight ends very heavily early on in the season until we get a better picture of the wide outs and how fast they're going to get with the program, who emerges as a leader. My early money is Ladd McConkey to emerge as the go-to.

I too look forward to another season with ya'll here. I think it's coming up somewhere near 12-14 years I've been on here. For the life of me, I have no idea why we don't get more participation and membership on this forum. It is the absolute best dawg forum on the interwebs. I'm with you - 2021 will be one that won't ever be topped. Everything now is pre-2021 and post-2021. If we win another one, it'll be sweet. But it won't be nearly as emotional and magical as 2021.

I really miss Buc. I don't what happened to him or if he's still with us anymore. I hope he got to see 2021.
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I am ready for the season to get rolling also…. New year and we have a blend of youth and veterans… chemistry of this year team is still developing…..   I am beyond being sooo…. Tired of  the talking heads and our own fans trashing SBIV. 
His two late fourth quarter drives for TD’s in the Natty are textbook…..  his performance in the Orange Bowl was also nothing short of awesome.

SD…. I also have no clue why we don’t have more participation on the best Dawg football fan discussion site available.

Looking forward to upcoming season and the adventures that it brings…. Time to pull the chin strap tight and go play the game…. As always “ Go Dawgs “

Go Dawgs!
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