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Vegas is STILL good at picking games. I shake my head at how they can do that.

They have UGA -14 to -14.5, with the O/U at 51.

That makes a score of 33-19. That's not a "real" football score. So adjusting for how many points are scored when points are scored, that would be closer to 34-20.

I think UGA's defense is better than that, and I think FloriDUH's offense is worse than that. In fact, if you look at their stats, FloriDUH has the 4th ranked RUSHING offense in the nation! And their PASSING offense is somewhere worse than Abuurn's and only slightly more prolific than UGA's! And you all know that we are not a pass-happy football team!

So I'm going to suppress that score a little. I think FloriDUH won't be able to move the ball on the ground at all, and will give up some INT's because they are NOT a passing team. Running on UGA will be something akin to running against the Great Wall of China - pretty pointless. Becoming a one-dimensional attack when that one dimension is NOT your forte is also pretty fruitless.

UGA will run . . . and run . . . and run . . . And running takes time off the clock and suppresses scores even more.

I'm going to say UGA 24, FlorDUH 10. Note that the spread stays at 14. That's because Vegas has some kind of weird knowledge. I'll take the under.

Still bleeding red . . . and black.
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