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kentdaddy wrote: It is absolutely dumb not to get other QBs game experience when possible. Bennett is not going to win it all. He is just too physically limited.

^^^^^^^^^^ This.^^^^^^^

We've got J.T. Daniels, 6'3" former 5 star, ranked number 1 in his class at QB,
Dwan Mathis, 6'6" former 4 star, keeping LB's near the line of scrimmage with his crazy legs and deceptive speed,
Carson Beck, 6'4.5", former 4 star

If you can't develop THAT talent, then the quarterbacks coach needs an "adjustment".

All of the above - watching a <supposedly> 6'0" leprechaun with now 5 picks in his last two games. And Kirby says he never even CONSIDERED a change during the Kentucky game. He's got three (!) top H.S. prospects riding the pines, watching The Hobbit fail to get the ball past the D-Line - seemingly always at the most inopportune time, right on the opponent's goal line. I'm not calling for a new HC, because he has put together some stout defenses. But he sure is starting to look a lot like Will Muschimp.

Where's my National Championship?! Look at the talent we've had for the last 40 years! Tim Worley, Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Robert Edwards, Knowshon Moreno, Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, A.J. Green, Richard Seymour, Charles Grant (those last two on the same D with Champ Bailey!), Matthew Stafford, Justin Houston, Roquan Smith, Justin Fields (did I just say "Justin Fields"?). You know what Steve Spurious and Nicky Satan would do with that talent? Win LOTS of Nattys, that's what. LOTS of 'em.

Feeling sick right now. 14-3. Indeed.

Here's Kirby's presser comments after next week's 24-13 loss to the Lizards. (Yes, I'm his script writer.) I'll give you a preview:

"No, I did not even CONSIDER switching QBs after we only scored 3 points in the first half. You gotta remember that on offense, we just have to develop a rhythm, and I felt like we just needed to go in at the half and calm down and come out and get our legs under us. Chop wood. We were only down 10 and we're capable of coming back - we've shown that this year. Stetson isn't the reason we lost this game. I think a lot of that was really on our defense. When we turned the ball over at our own 33, we still had a chance to keep Florida out of the end zone and we just didn't get it done. That pick wasn't even his fault. Their corner just made a really great play on a well-thrown ball - you just gotta tip your cap to him. Some of Stetson's worst passes were completions.
But Stetson gave us our best chance to win this game, it just didn't work out that way. I think he really made some good decisions and only a couple of bad ones. He got us out of some bad plays and into some really good ones. I'm really proud of the way Stetson just kept bouncing back and refused to get down on himself. He kept choppin' wood.

We don't have time to worry about this game - we've got a really tough game coming up next week, and I know our guys are excited to get a chance to come back out and put this in the rear-view mirror. Missouri is a quality opponent, especially when you have to play them on the road . . . etc."

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Still bleeding red . . . and black.
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JT practiced all summer, and was cleared to play after the 1st game of the year. I didn't clear him to play.. It's not a pipe dream.

He was cleared.

So what's going to happen if our "plan A" doesn't work against Florida? What if Bennett gets hurt?

Sorry but great coaches have a plan a, a plan b, and a plan c.

The more I ruminate about this, the more I'm convinced our game plan for Kentucky was our HC was going to "show us" out of spite that we were going to win games one way... The 1997 Kirby way.

If we lose next week it will about how tough it was without Lecounte, Cine, and Jordan Davis.

That will be wrong: It will be about needing an offense to step up and win a game, and about ours not being able to do it.

Quarterback? - Kirby Smart

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