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TOPIC: The main reason UGA will beat Oklahoma.

The main reason UGA will beat Oklahoma. 1 hour 41 minutes ago #77923

There's a danger in getting too far ahead of ourselves, but I think this thread is on track. Look, OU will have success passing the ball, but I also believe that they'll have trouble running the ball and also with the speed of our D. They'll be one dimensional in short order, and things might (might) get ugly did them in the secondo half.

The thing about playing Georgia is that you've got to stop the run. Sounds simple but, as already mentioned here, our oline is a different animal now. I don't think they get pushed around. Another wrinkle is the depth of the running backs, and the stylistic differences. I've said it all season, and I'll be saying it next year. ..Deandre Swift is special. I'm not talking about Nick and Sony only because we know what weve got with those two, but I saw a lot of Swift putting a shoulder down at contact and taking on defenders. Reminds me of HW. Same with Herrien. Kids not afraid of bringing it. Holyfield will punish you if you fall asleep on him.

And we haven't talked to much about JF. He's been efficient on the down low. It's a hallmark of a great QB: do what you have to to win. Herein is the difference between Fromm and Mayfield: Jake uses the tools around him when things get hairy. Mayfield will try to shoulder the load himself. Mayfield is a hammer, Fromm is a Swiss Army knife. With Mayfield, you always get a hammer, which is great when you need a hammer. Fromm has more versatility. I can guarantee that OU fans are looking at stat sheets and thinking that Jake Fromm is middling at best. If OU is thinking the same, it will be their undoing.

The game ought to be close. It is, on paper, a great match-up. But I see Georgia as being too much in too many phases of the game. Dawgs by a score and a half.
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The main reason UGA will beat Oklahoma. 1 hour 33 minutes ago #77924

Whoever created the meme saying “Wont be the first time Oklahoma has been blown out” with the background of the blown up federal building from the domestic terrorist attack a few years ago is a POS.

Seriously folk... try and not let fandom turn you into a sh1tbag.
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