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On third and ten why would you run Joe t around the end it cost us the game it is ridiculous Why would we not run ware or brown or anyone up the middle it pisses me off play calling cost us the game

The play calling didn't cost us the game, it was some good defense from the gators at critical times, and not finishing off the drives with TDs. You want to blame the coaches when we lose, but call em brillant when we win. We played hard and could have won it, but didn't capitilize on the opportunities when we had them. It's that simple. Look Couto missed two sure FGs that would have given us the victory, but do you see me laying the blame for the loss on him?

Sure play calling cost us the game, but lack of trust in JT did also. You can only run the ball so many times befor the opposing defense picks up on the running style and shuts u down. We need to have a balanced offensive attack and the only real pass we had was to our own damn QB. You can't win games nowadays with only a running attack. there was an obvious lack of leadership and trust on both sides of the ball and if nobody stands up to take charge, then your going to flownder around looking for another way out. UF was healthy, and played a beat up #4 team a good game. If anything the Dawgs can take from this that we played a good game against a good helthy UF team with a backup QB and a leader missing on D. They should be proud of that.
Despite the loss, GO DAWGS!

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not only third down but why play action on fourth down did he really think fl was going to bite on the run on fourth and 11 too conservative

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