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I was very disturbed that the press in general, and ESPN in particular, focused more on Spurrier than on the game. Every break contained some reference to him. But, I thought that the level of play was OK from both teams, and was thrilled to see in-game corrections to mistakes/misreads, etc. on the part of the Dawgs. Though their level of play wasn't end of season form, and not as good as any of us expected, their ability to step up and adjust thrilled me.

I also watched a re-run last night of last week's Florida game. They are not in the same class yet as either USC or the Dawgs yet. Too many mistakes UNcorrected on the field, and not as much 1st line talent. Leak has never impressed me, but he get's the press. Keep DJ away from the press so he can focus. The most important impression that I got was that the Biggie "Character" wasn't up to the Dawgs.

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I noticed the same focus on Spurrier. As far as I am concerned his past record is history. And South Carolina ain't Florida. He is starting over.
I guess the ESPN producers are too young to know how that works. Turn off the TV sound and turn on Larry Munson.

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