You can't spell LOSER

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Without using a "L" from "the oLd baLL coach " ! Game was way too close for comfort but satisifying none the less . I really expected a 1, 2, or 3 point win before the game started, forget the hype USC always plays us close , we had to expect that no matter if it was Holtz or SS . If you were to ask a USC player or fan who do you least want to lose to , first would be Clemson and second would be our beloved DAWGS . The USC player/fan thinks they are second tier to UT or UF but for some reason (they need to check the record book) they think they are just as good as our DAWGS. One would suppose we dont run up the score on them like the aforementioned so that gives them hope and hope is all you got if your a gamehen fan, that and "wait till next year" .......DJ is the man this year, i would love to see him scramble more and throw less or at least not try to force the ball, pull it down and run when no one is reasonable open. Leonard Pope is an awfully BIG target i'd like see get the ball more, but we do have the ability to go deep especially when we have one on one coverage. I'd also like to see some smashmouth running of the ball when we have the D-line overmatched and they opens up the play action pass. We have enough talent on both sides of the ball to beat everyone on our schedule. I dont think we will be able to pull it off, a certainly amount of luck and chemistry are involved but there is no other team out there we shouldnt reasonable think we cant beat, home or away if we stay healthy. 2 wins i want most , lets make it 2 in a row over the GAYTORS and stomp a certain insect in Atlanta (every year is a good year to beat Yech !!! GO DAWGS !!!!

There is no greater stadium than Sanford, no greater running back than Walker and nothing greater in all of football than being a Georgia Bulldog !

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