I guess we arenot as good as we thought!

18 years 2 months ago #93 by DawgDoc
:oops: Why is it we always have a let down after a big win? I am sure there are many answers. How about not staying foucsed, reading all about a 18 point spread all week in the papers, overconfidence plays a big part, too much back slapping and too many press clippings about how great we looked, how about MR not getting then ready to play at a high level. Oh, I almost forgot, how about DISCIPLINE as in lack of. It seems all our recent coaches had this same problem. They all should have conferred with VD as it was a rarity that he let that type of thing to happen. We are a good team, not a great one and because of this we can't play in a haphazard manner. We must be ready every week or we will loose to someone we should have beaten. Next week it should be a snoozer, at least I hope so. We have a different type of student and a different type of athlete at UGA than when I graced the campus in the early fifties. Coach Butts would not put up with the stuff that goes on now. Athletes lived in a athletic dorm which is no longer allowed by those wonderful folks at NCAA. What say you NC Dawg? Agree or disagree?
As always, GO DAWGS!!!! :) :)

:oops: :( :(

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18 years 2 months ago #95 by frontierman73
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It is disappointing to have come off of a huge win and play so below potential. BUT, that's college football. Any given Saturday, any given team can beat any other team. All it can take is that one big play, that one mishandled ball.... Hopefully this will be an eye-opener for the team and they will respond in a "champion-like" manner. CMR needs to show that game tape and give the team an opportunity to realize they ARE better than they played. Hope the Dawgs will get focused and play up to potential. (and in the SC game don't downplay the psycological effect Spurrier being the coach probably had. so often he was dominant, that had to sit in the back of players minds.) Now, that being said, let's prepare for Louisana-Monroe. Don't play up to the hype. Play the football game and move on. GO DAWGS SIC'EM WOOF WOOF WOOF!

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18 years 2 months ago #96 by NC_Dawg
Replied by NC_Dawg on topic Re: I guess we arenot as good as we thought!
would cross my lips, but SOS is a very good football coach. Darth can do more with less than just about anyone in the NCAA. Last Saturday was no exception. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that while CMR & Co. spent most of their off season developing schemes to defeat Boise State, SOS was likewise preparing for UGA. This was well apparent in USC's poor performance the week before. SOS sandbagged and it nearly cost him the game! However, USC was well prepared for UGA...and it showed!

Having said that, we WON! Ugly as it was, it is still a big "W" in the right column and the last time I checked, there was no space for editorial comment beyond that one character....W !!! . Now, USC did discover and broadcast some of our defensive weaknesses, that we'd better fix...and soon! Likewise, DJ needs to develop a bit more patience before pulling the trigger. Many of his INT's and near INT's were thrown into double coverage...Not smart!

So, we survived another UGA - USC slugfest. Kudo's to the chikins' for nearly putting together the perfect storm....nearly!...We now have a period of time to regroup, polish and prepare for an old fashioned war in Obknoxville!...It is conceivable that UT will have suffered 1 or 2 losses by then, making the UGA -v- UT game very important!

Strap it on fellow dawgs, this is SEC football

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!! [/b]

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