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Welcome to Athens! May I be the first ambassador of UGA to welcome you to our fair city. This past week, the Redcoats were priveleged to have one practice bewtween the hedges of Sanford Stadium. We were dazzled by a new paint scheme and brand-spankin-new score boards. The Nation is in for a treat this year. NC Dawg's recent post have caused me to reflect on what gameday is like from the field.

Gameday from the eyes of a Redcoat Trombonist

At 7:30 I wake and ceremoniously don the uniform that will herald every play of the game. The colored wool transforms me into something more than myself. As I walk from my dorm to morning practice, I wave and smile to the truly faithful tailgaters already starting on their second six-pack. I climb Lumpkin hill to Woodruff field where we practice before the game.
After practice, my friends and I need not worry about lunch. Dozens of tailgaters graciously shower us with food in return for a snipet of Glory or Go Georgia Bulldogs.
I hurry to the Tate Student Center to listen to the Drumline fire up the rowdy crowd. And then the Red and Black Machine begins to churn. In ranks of four the band proceeds toward the Stadium, splitting the crowd to make room for our Warriors. As we walk, I yell like a mad man feeding of the masses and adding fuel to their fire. We form a tunnel and our fine Silver Britches march valiantly through it as we herald their triumphant entrance. The horns arc upward forming a salute. Trombone slides cross at the peaks giving the illusion that we are guards removing our swords so that the Honored may pass. We chant into the stadium.
After the pregame where one lone trumpet serenaded 92,000 screaming fans into silence, The cheerleaders lift a sheet on which is emblazoned the "G". And with one loud blatted note, the Krypton Fanfare begins. Chills run up and down my spine as the heroic chords leap from my bell. The field shakes and thunders as the Warriors enter the field of battle.
During the game every wonderous touchdown is rewarded with Glory and Hail. We mock the opponents infantile attempts to move our defense with Dies Irae, the Day of Death.
After the foe is vanquished. A celebration. Mark Richt runs over and gives us a thumbs up. He says thank you for supporting us and maybe just maybe giving a few the extra push.
We return home and shed the sweat drenched uniform tired and happy.

Drum show 2:50
Dawg walk 3:25
Pre-game 5:15
Kickoff 5:36

Go Dawgs Beat Potato Heads!

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We look forward to your posting of the games. Every juicy detail.

The band is a very important part of game day. I have put some links to the songs on the web site for those of you who must listen on the radio or watch TV. Get some of the Redcoat band songs playing and crank it up loud. You will be feeling the game as if you were there. These music clips are in full fidelity and if your computer connects to a good sound system you will really hear it all.

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