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June 1 is my official start to CFB season, and here we are.
Gotta tell ya, it feels a bit different. "Hope" has been replaced by expectations. Remember under CMR when you might have felt good about 10 wins or an SEC Championship? 
Let me ask you this:
"What would this season have to look like for you to say it was a good year?"
For me it can only be a third Natty. 
We've got dudes everywhere. You know the D will be stellar. The O Line could end up the best in CFB. Bowers and McKonkey will absolutely kill it. I think B Robinson has his year this year (you heard it here first).
Can't wait for kick off. Plus,the mullet-loving jort models here in Florida just approved UGA vanity plates. (Gotta see if "3PEAT" is available.)
It's gonna be a good year.

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Limey..... spot on with your observations....   less than 100 days to KO ... OFFICIALLY the opening on hate on Beck season...    Herbie... the wizard of ESPN is telling everyone that the Tide and LSWho....are ahead of the Dawgs...

Full show me mode.....     same  ESPN   the. Chickens will be our first test...  yawn...  home game... Kirby will have us tuned and ready...  stay well and just kept smiling at the jort people....  Go D

Go Dawgs!

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