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SouthernDawg wrote: This is Urban Liar's last hurrah. No question about it. He is finished as a coach if what is being said about his conduct at J-Ville is true. I don't know why any program, from pop warner up to the NFL would take him on after this.

I think back to the Florida days when he was there and what he allowed to go in the locker room and it's horrifying. If at any given time the police decided to raid the locker room, at least 1/2 his team would have been in cuffs and perp walked out of the locker room and Florida would have had to forfeit the rest of its season.

People were still willing to hire Bobby Petrino after what he did, so I would never say never..

Quarterback? - Kirby Smart

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Wart…. Sad but true … might be a year away but some AD who

Is desperate for a name for HC .. will rub the Liar magic lamp..

Hoping to catch the winning magic…

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!

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I can’t stand the guy. Got a good chuckle seeing him get canned at Jacksonville.

But, he was the coach of 3 national champions in a 10 year period. Without a franchise QB. With the way folks are obsessed with having a winning college program, heck yes he will get another big job. Whenever he wants it. He’s prolly going to heal up in 2022. Got the boot up the Fanny this year, lol.

Tim Tebow at Florida and Cardale Jones were his natty winning QBs. Like I said, I’m not an um fan, but don’t be shocked when he gets a big job in a few years. Won nattys at his last two collegiate stops…and everyone is looking for a little hope.

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