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Wartdawg wrote: QB room is getting crowded. I would hate to see one or more leave due to a lack of PT.

One thing I believe in is even recruiting and not over-reacting. In Kirby's apparent vow to never again go into a season depending on transfers at QB, I hope we don't wake up in 2022 and 2023 realizing he forgot to recruit top level receivers and RB's.

I am with you there. Honestly if he keeps the O line strong and has an elite QB then WR and RB should take care of itself to an extent. I saw a picture of the Alabama QBs warming up from a few years ago. It was Tua, Hurts and Jones all together. All left with hardware and all will get paid well. Maybe kids today are learning that if you go to a quality program nd wait you can still get the attention. Fields went to a non-quality program when i comes to QB futures and I bet it shows quickly at the next level.
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