From Athens -Friday Thoughts - 11-09-20

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Good Day All,

Another week has gone by...... just two weeks left before our first game.

It was strange this past weekend watching the early football games and not waiting for our game later in the day.... no pacing or trying to find busy work to fill the time waiting...... almost like a bye weekend.... more the
same this weekend.....

It is fun to watch an listen to the talking heads fawn over Ohio State...this was the year according to them.. that we would see the return of the powerful Big 10 .... well it didn’t happen.... imho... it wouldn’t have happened had they decided to play this season....

Sidebar.... much attention and rightly so has been focused toward who will be our starting QB.... I also have a question... about how much we will miss our kicker.... Rodrigo Blankenship aka “Goggles “ ....he was a weapon...
We finally had a kicker who could kick touchbacks on kickoffs.... and was extremely accurate on FG’s... As. Buc...has stated here correctly for years...kicking game wins championships.... truth....

Here’s hoping our coaching staff has found our next unlikely hero in the kicking game..... fingers crossed... Kevin Butler graduated this summer and he is no longer a student assistant helping kickers.... Me thinks HC will find away to keep KB around the program.....

I did get a chuckle watching Dan Mullen this week rant over the new SEC warmup Rule.... which he calls the Mullen rule..... worth googling.... and watching. Rumor is CKS was the one who got the SEC to act.... hmmm.

Yes ..... never forget..... 9/11 ......

Pause and give thanks.... Thoughts and prayers for those in harms way from the west coast wildfires....

Continue to check on family and friends often.....

Have a safe weekend and week...

As always “Go Dawgs “

Go Dawgs!
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Been a while fella’s! I hope all is well with you all. Crazy year we’ve had so far but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about our team running the table this season. That is if we can make through the season without covid shutting us down or a plague of injuries...

Our D is going to be so filthy they’ll keep us in the game against Bama. I think by that point our O will have the wrinkles ironed out and we will get the W! Because I hate the GaYTors so much I can’t even imagine them giving us an issue at all. Should meet up with Bama again in the SECCG and take care of business once again.

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Heard whispers Daniels may not be cleared soon with the knee. Just whispers but explains some things. Mathis may be our guy and thats OK with me. Kid has heart and he is fast and can sling it. Would be nice to have a multi dimensional weapon against Alabama.
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