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Good Day All,

Hearing my grandfather back in the 50’s …. “ If it’s and buts were candy and nuts what a wonderful world this would be “

Much has been said about Jake’s future…. He should have come back for is senior year …. Ya da ya da….

“Hindsight never wears glasses “ was another of Gramps favorites…..

Jake got a opportunity because of an injury to our then starter Jacob Eason….. which set into motion a whole string of events regarding our QB situation

…..For several seasons …. Anyone want to take the bet we would have won in South Bend without Jake ???

The football gods … do strange things at times….. Buffalo is what everyone has said it it ….. not as cold as Green Bay …. But damn close….

Can Jake make it was a starting NFL QB ??? …. Can Jake make it as a starting QB in Buffalo ?? ….. Not an easy task….

As Jake as stated…. He is going in and going to work his tail off ….. I believe him…. It’s who he is….. expect nothing less…

His career starts in a place they call the “ Mistake by the Lake “………..Wish him well and appreciate all he did while in Athens…. DGD

Shout out to Greg and the posse ….. I hope you are well…. Challenging times…

Pause and give thanks

Have a safe weekend and week

Check on family and friends … often..

As always “Go Dawgs"

Go Dawgs!
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I think Jake made the right decision. He had a mediocre season much of which was not his doing. He didn't want to hang around. Looking for the next adventure.
If his stepping up when we lost Jacob is any guide he will do well in Buffalo.
DGD Jake.

Every good Dawg deserves a good bone.
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