From Athens - Game Day Friday # 13

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Good Morning All,

The heads are off and running again….. shouting from the bell tower …. This weeks game is a “ Trap Game”…..
Really….. It’s a well known fact…. We win we move on … we don’t … and we get a cake with fewer candles on it… fact

Our season has a maximum of five games remaining….with game five being the most important …. We don’t get to play in game five unless we win the next four….. it’s swizzle stick math …..

Vegas has us a two touchdown favorite….. down to 13.5 on some betting lines…..

There has been much discussion as to what happened in the four quarter against Assburn…. Imho…. Case of our offense going 3 and out to many times and not being able to rest our defense….. however, our “D” bowed up when it had two….

Many picked Assburn to win …. Playing at home coming off a bye week yada yada…..

Sharing my thoughts on our offensive malaise can be traced back the players we lost and had to replace……. Many speak of our receivers have not heard anyone speak about not having Holyfield…. We have played against a stacked box since the days of Chubb and Sony….. Love #35 but I think Holyfield was a bigger hammer on those stacked “D” lines….. and yes Jake had a more experienced group to throw too.

Really like how Jamaree Salyer came in and played against Assburn……. We have quality depth on our OL …. Thanks Coach Sam….

Looking at who is returning and our OL recruits….. this group will be even better in 2020…. Like it a lot……. Road graders…...

Same song … different opponent ….. play to our standard .. avoid stupid penalties …. Take care of ball security …. We win … and cover…

Shake hands , let the chapel bell ring ….. enjoy the moment….. back to work Monday…

With this being our last home game ….. time to embrace our seniors….. Thank You for all your efforts….. I am hoping the rain passes through quickly and isn’t a factor in how the game is played….

Wife is making Sweet Potato Chili ….. regular red chili with diced sweet potato added.... crazy good

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week

As always “Go Dawgs "

Go Dawgs!
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Fully expect to see "another" slobber knocker game, much like the game against Auburn. Lot of similarities between Auburn and Texas A&M both offensively and defensively.

Jimbo Fisher wants this particular game "badly". Understand "coach speak" week after week from most coaches, part of the college game. If Jimbo Fisher can win this game, moves his efforts on the recruiting trail to a higher level. Georgia sitting at #4, there are some that think our rating is too high. On the recruiting trail beating #4 on their turf means a lot. Damn right Fisher wants this win more than some.

Watching and reading our medical list, come Saturday, many of those aches and pains surprisingly disappear.

Fully expect to see Texas A&M in man for most of the game, that is according to score.

Jimbo will more than likely visit with Coach Coley before departing for his home forty. One of the coaches that Jimbo and the "oil money" wanted, and expected to get. Fisher treasures Coley's ability to recruit the State of Florida, especially South Florida. With Diaz now running the Miami program, fewer high school athletes will be leaving for other destinations. James Coley was a "wanted man" and Kirby Smart let it be known that Coley was his man of choice for Offensive Coordinator. A reason for Coach Chaney to make the move to Tennessee.

Big game, all games big at this point.

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Absolutely.....more chips piled in the center of the table....

Several here have posted .. they were Very happy that this is a home game. Fact...

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!

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