From Athens - Game Day Friday # 8

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Good Morning All,

Cocktail Party week has finally …. Arrived …..

Game to remain in JAX until 2023 and we will start the conversation again about moving back to home and home on campus…. Maybe we will have a new AD by then that can grasp the value to recruiting and season ticket holders….hmmmmm...

Second Urange…. Team of the season…. Did I tell you that I really don't like Urange....

Some random thoughts ….. It was the ND game when we last saw us running a up tempo offense …. Several ND players slowed us down with very timely injuries ..that at the very least were suspect ……

True we did see a mini burst against the Vols in the second half….. I have a feeling we will see it reappear in JAX…. A very good thing….

It’s fun to listen to the heads …. They are all over the place on who and how this game will be won…..

Truly interesting to see Vegas showing us as a 6.5 point favorite…. And we are ranked two teams lower than he Gators….

Line hasn’t move all week ….. thus far…..

I think we where ready to play Kentucky but the horrible weather was indeed a factor in limiting our offense ….. with two weeks to get healthy and make adjustments and corrections …. I think HC will have us ready to play….

Jake made it clear … if fans expect us to come out and show a offense that is 180 degrees from what we have done in the past… that’s not going to happen…

What I am hearing is….. while it might not be 180 degrees we have added some new wrinkles just for this game…. Hmmmmm….

For us it is simple and very clear ….. win and we move on toward ATL and the SECCG ……

Pause and Thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week….

As always …. “Go Dawgs"

Go Dawgs!
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Article put together by a gator alum. Worth reading as the author does not go off the rails as some in the media tend to do. Georgia/Florida is always a game that means so much to so many. Author mentions one of the big reasons for the gators to win in 2019 is the stockpile of players that Smart and Company have gathered on the past 3/4 years.

Little doubt in my mind that the gators are a better team in 2019 than 2018. How much better . . . . find out tomorrow.

We have chatted some about our tight end play this year and other years. Believe it was WartDawg that mentioned in another thread the use of our tight end in last years game. Several catches that actually lead to the score at the finish.

mullen likes to put the ball in the air . . . . has some very good receivers, could be a problem for us if we don't follow the "process". I am not sold on their quarterback, believe his better games have come because of the efforts of the gator defense. Lots of speed and size.

From where I sit . . . . I believe this particular game can and will have a long lasting effect on our team.I agree with WartDawg again, believe we depart JAX with a victory celebration that will be remembered for some time to come.

Two good football teams, SEC Teams. This is what college football should "look" like between rivals such as Dawgs/gators. Hope the weather is not a game stopper, and . . . . referees let the players play. Tired of watching flags flying. Been said many times, Field position HUGE in this game.

This old fart is hoping to see a "well coached" UGA Football Team. Hope you folks get my "drift".

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Read that about Fromm saying "if fans expect
us to come out and... 180 degrees.. etc"

I hope no one from UGA reads comments from around here and thinks that's what anyone has said or wants, because it's not.

Quarterback? - Kirby Smart

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