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This game confirmed a nagging suspicion that began after the Vandy game, namely that we're really not that good. And I know that this will come across as homer butt-hurt, but it's on video for the world to see. Facts are facts.

I thought the slow starts this year were a function of the character of the team, but it's now clearly apparent that talent is the issue, or more correctly put, synergy. Sure, we've got some dudes--lots of them, in fact. But, for whatever reason, playing a complete game is beyond them.

Cases in point? With the exception of the two cupcakes, we've struggled to establish the run, we get gashed in the secondary because containment appears to be a foreign concept, and our massive o line is just that: massive-nothing else. It defies belief and yet we've once again proven the OBC right in that something happens to great players when they get to Georgia.

And speaking of ghosts of coaches past, 'ol Willie Martinez is back, only this time its James Coley. Remember the pain we suffered because CMR couldn't put team above his friendship? This is what we're witnessing now. Same crap. Every damned year. Every year.

How pedestrian is our offense? Tennessee bottled it up, and we escaped. SCar closed us down and we lost. How do you think Auburn, Florida and TAMU play us? Those games will be ugly, folks, mark my words. How many post games pressers have CKS saying "we need to get this player or that player more involved?" Yet nothing changes.

And, no, I dont have an answer outside of hard choices with coaching. What I do know is that this is a 4 loss season, and as a fan it kills me knowing that three more heartbreaks are.right around the corner. I'll bleed Red and Black til I die, but right now my love is a mediocre team that either doesnt know how to, or doesnt want to, be great.

Tough day to be a Dawg.

"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself."~~Musashi
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Deep breath Limey..... feel your frustration.....

Believe the answer to your last statement is.... doesn’t know how to....

Players, coaches....and fans......

Go Dawgs!

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