"Me" vs. "Team" Football

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If I were a betting man, at this point I would wager that both Jadon Haselwood and Justin Fields enroll at Oklahoma. Haselwood appears to be more of a “me” player than a “team” player. Talented, not a doubt, but just how far does his talent reach when it comes to playing in a restricted system? Restricted meaning that Saturday’s game plans include 11 players that are talented. Seems to me that Haselwood might have some inside information as to where Justin will play. Oklahoma plays an open style of football, easily understood that players of “certain talents” like what they see on Saturdays in Sooner Land. High school BMOC's do chat with each other about football destinations. At this point, I have had enough of what I see both on and off the football field coming from the area of wideouts, high school, college and pros. Have stayed away from the Haselwood media chatter up until now. Good luck in Norman, Oklahoma Jadon Haselwood, little more of "me" play than "team" play in Sooner football. Think your brand of football is played in Norman.

Returned from South Florida after lengthy visit . . . . Folks are not happy with Mark Richt football . . . . period. Some saying that the "U" should have listened to what those at UGA had to say about the Georgia Football program and the coaching for roughly 15 years.

Edit . . . . And this . . . .

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As always Buc... thanks for sharing..and your insight on Me not We

Is spot on.... much was shared on Dawgs.com about how we

Hoped and prayed that Crowell was the last we woul see of

The BMOC ... example at Georgia.....I believe CKS. and staff

Communicate that mindset doesn’t fit into the process.....

Miami bought into what we knew was a flawed product...

Go Dawgs

Go Dawgs!
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