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Six games into the 2018 Season wins and losses are favorable. Remember some of the early chatter from the media about 2018 Season to be in decline, since there was a heavy departure of tested talent, especially on the defensive side.

For me it has been evident that there are some areas of the defense that do not seem to be just right at this point in the season. Continue to think and say that the Class of 2019 and another year of experience under our belts will greatly change the “overall” complexion of our team. Not going to be surprised with a slip or two. Might not happen, but . . . .

The only team that I have watched extensively this season that I think is above us is Alabama. They have gone through their years of building and have the formula down pat. We are three years into where we are at the present. I get a bit outdone sometimes when I read and listen to so many that are now on the UGA bandwagon that “IMO” do not understand the game. Maybe I should say, the “DEPTH” of the game.

We made a big move and released a head coach that had an overall “favorable” rating and replaced him with a “first time head coach”. Might not sound like much, from where I sit it was a huge move, even if the replacement was/is Kirby Smart. Little doubt in my mind that Kirby Smart is still going through some personal changes in his “football mind”.

I like where we are, believe we do have a lot of learning to do to reach the “process” that is now enjoyed in Tuscaloosa. Not a bad thing for me personally when I look at the short amount of time it took to get where “we” are now. This group of coaches and staff are focused, prior to their arrival, could not personally make that statement.

Just thinking out loud again . . . .

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Well thought out, well articulated post. I was actually considering posting a thread similar to what you said, so I won't re-hash some of the things you've said.

My belief is that we're a year off on both sides of the ball. I'm seeing a defense that just isn't clicking right now, and will be picked apart by a proper practitioner of the passing game. The explosive plays allowed last night just cemented my position that right now, while we're an elite team, we're not elite enough to out-elite Alabama. Discipline is preached from top to bottom, and I have no doubt that during practice each week, it is drilled into the players. But right now, it seems as if they're just not with the process. But take heart, think about how revolutionary the change at the top has been and what it has meant to this program in so short a time. Three seasons into the process and we've already played for a national championship. Three seasons into it we're getting the #1 recruiting classes and sit at #2 in the nation.

That said, we continue to commit boneheaded penalties, and far too many unsportsmanlike ones to boot. At times, our defense shows flashes of dominance, as does our offensive line. But flashes of dominance can't be the standard by which a team can reasonably expect to contend for a national championship. I like where we are, and I think Georgia in the east is still head-and-shoulders above the next best team. But when we run into a team that will exploit all of our deficiencies, it is going to be ugly. Bama or Ohio State could have dropped 38 points on our defense yesterday - that I have no doubt. And that's not to say we're a bad team - far from it. None of this is meant to say that we're not good or that our problems are so monumental that I've lost confidence. I haven't lost confidence in any aspect of Kirby Smart's program. I'm excited and encouraged for the bright future and the hardware that is sure to come to Athens. But barring some miracle where everything all of a sudden just "gels," it's not going to be this season.

Alabama will be de-throned one day in the not-too-distant future, and it will be Kirby Smart that does it. You can take that to the bank. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that's how things will play out. The future is bright, the season is fun, and we're finally getting grown man football being played, national respect being shown, and solid leadership at the top in Athens.

Go Dawgs.
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I saw yesterday where some talking heads at ESPN have somehow calculated that despite our win, our "chances" of making the CFB playoff have dropped. The new "in" team is Notre Dame.

Just a reminder that this Vanderbilt team went into South Bend and nearly upended Notre Dame, only losing 22-17.

Just a reminder that we beat them 41-13 and that touchdown on their side came in "we don't care time".

I get it... we lost a ton of experience on D especially, but our D is still only allowing 13 points a game. What we lack in discipline with the penalties and foolish mistakes is more than made up for in talent.

On offense, while we may lack some play to play consistency... we have incredible talent and we can go the distance on any play.

Nick Saban has been building his brand for 23 years. Saban and Alabama have been building their brand for 12. Saban in his 3rd year at Michigan State was 7-5. Saban in his 3rd year at LSU was 8-5. Saban did win the NC at 'bama in year 3, but in year 4 they were a 3 loss squad.

In comparison... Kirby should have won a NC in year 2 if not for one bone headed play in which a defender forgot his assignment.

I don't know how this season will play out, but let's put it in perspective as to where we are in year 3 after losing enough talent to build the nucleus of an entire NFL team.

I say this as one who you all know is never shy with constructive criticism.

We play to a standard - Kirby Smart

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Wart.....heads needed fresh clickbait.... we have known that we control our future....keep winning..

We move on...

Key again....winning the SECCG......

Go Dawgs....

Go Dawgs!

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I had similar feelings about Notre Dame being the latest love child of the talking heads, but national media so dearly wants them or the Blackeyes...er, Buckeyes to gain the throne that they're open to some scary cognitive dissonance.

My take on the Dawgs is that we need to play a full 60 minutes. Now, usually that is a reference to the 4th quarter, but not here. This team needs to start punching people in the mouth from the first snap. Elite teams dont need a full half of play to figure out their opponent. Second half adjustments are all fine and well, but they shouldn't be necessary with this level of talent.

"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself."~~Musashi
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Could not help myself . . . . Over several years of participating on Dawgs.com sometimes find myself reading "dated threads/posts". The posts on this thread by members show why some find this site as a good place to park and tailgate, solid posting, hard to find on many sites relating to UGA Football. I would rate Dawgs.com as a "Five Star Site".

Notre Dame . . . . September 21, 2019 will be a date that not only has every seat in Sanford Stadium occupied, there will be folks packed into every place of business in the Classic City and surrounding areas. Three games prior to the meeting, less than attractive to some of us, understanding that scheduling is assembled a while before a particular season starts. I am one of those that would like to see more head to head with SEC teams. Little doubt that any or many of the SEC teams will "roll over and play dead". SEC (DNA) has proven that for many years.

Bet this . . . . Sanford Stadium will not be flooded with the Notre Dame colors. There will be a "sea of red", much like what happened the last meeting between Georgia and Notre Dame in South Bend.

Looking forward to LSU this weekend. SEC vs SEC teams. Going to be wild. Young "pups" will do a lot of "growing up" . . . . prepare them for the future.

Coach 'em up . . . . :)

Remember . . . .
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