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I understand Pollack has a job to do, but I think this type of talk this early in the season is foolhardy and unnecessary. Pollack understands (or maybe he doesn't) the herculean effort it is for a coach to keep his players from buying into their own hype, and I just don't get why he comes out and says this. Does he not think the players and staff expect to win the east?

Everyone with a half a brain understands that the East is Georgia. Yes it has some other teams that play football, but it is Georgia's division right now. Does Pollack really think this helps matters? Does he think this encourages the team to stay focused? Maybe I'm reading this all wrong, but this type of stuff is exactly what UGA does NOT need right now. There are plenty of teams capable of "playing up" and making a difficult Saturday for Georgia. I've been watching the GA/FL game for years, and anyone who knows this rivalry knows that standings simply don't matter in Jacksonville. Either team can be scraping the bottom of the barrel and knock the other one off.

Why give the other programs more incentive to darken that sharpie circle on their calendars even more by saying stuff like this? Nothing in the SEC is a given. It is earned, and right now, UGA has earned two wins.

Let's focus on 3-0 and the East will take care of itself.

It's a long season. Don't count the chickens before the eggs hatch.
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