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TOPIC: From Athens-Game Day Friday #1

From Athens-Game Day Friday #1 4 months 2 weeks ago #76741

Good Morning All,

First thoughts and prayers to those effected by hurricane Harvey. Unbelievable the amount of damage caused.

We had a good frog strangler here in Athens on Thursday....again a huge thanks goes to Coach Pruitt for pushing for the IPF.. it has been used heavily this summer and fall.

It would have been a wasted practice or a long bus ride to Falcon's facility...not the case any longer

A very good thing....

Several times in the recent past myself and others have posted....We don't know what we don't know..

However we will know much more about our football team at the end of the next eight days...and two games...

Thoughts about this past winter and if Trent Thompson would ever play between the hedges again.

Thankfully this young man is back stronger and ready to play and anchor the DL.... a very good thing...

Sony and Nick returning .....plus 10 veterans on defense.... this translates for me....players buying into the coaches plan...

Read a great deal this past off season about how Head Coach was working to change the culture
Of Georgia football....

Complacency had overtaken....recruiting and how we coached and prepared for games...

Details became easily overlooked....

We posted about how we had to tear down to the footings and build backup...

This presented to great a challenge for some who departed our program...

I agree....college football is not about treading water.....if you are not progressing...you are slipping backwards.... which we had done for to many years...


It's time to tee it up in Athens...... feels really great to say that.......

Happy to have a night game..rather than a noon kickoff...

Changes the game atmosphere.....love night time football..

Let's start fast and finish strong...

.Show the return of the Junkyard defense...

Send a strong message.....we not the same old Dawgs who don't know how to win...

Opening not playing a cupcake will be beneficial getting us ready for South Bend...

My wish....Dawgs win by 15 to cover spread...no injuries.....play a bunch of players...building depth

And...say again.....let's redefine......what it means.. when someone says " Well that's just Georgia being Georgia "

Questions..see Muson's hobnail boot quote......


The bite is back....... Go ahead..make my day....

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week

As always Go Dawgs!!!'m
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Go Dawgs!
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From Athens-Game Day Friday #1 4 months 2 weeks ago #76742

Good stuff as usual yd1! I'm with you I hope we come out fast, strong and physical! We need to dictate the pace from the kickoff and not let up until they're done. Make this a statement game for the season...

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From Athens-Game Day Friday #1 4 months 2 weeks ago #76743

Once again, it's time for football. Seems like a year has flown by. I must be getting old. In that I'm feeling a bit more my age lately, I've gotten reflective on how many opening weekends I've gone into and had great hopes and bought into the hype. Not this season.

Once again, we start this season and talk about all the reasons why this should be our year. I'm ready to finally see it. Lot of us young(er) dawgs weren't even alive to see the last time UGA won it all. We're long overdue and the east is weak. Hell, give it another 24 hours and Florida won't even be fielding a football team:

That said, my expectations are still tempered. This is year two of the Smart era, but even so, I expect to see significant improvement this year. I expect to see much more disciplined football, on both the field and the sideline. Chaney is on probation for me. He's on a thin thin leash with a choke collar as far as I'm concerned. We simply cannot afford to have another single quarter of the offensive play calling stupidity we had last season if we want to have any chance to make noise in the east. I truly believe the this is the year UGA is going to realize why they hired Sam Pittman. it's time to see an offensive line, and while the o-line puzzle isn't complete in year 2, it is definitely taking shape and the borders are closed in. Preseason hype is exciting, but hype don't win games. Big beefy SOB's on offensive line who are listening to Coach Pittman and doing their jobs do. If they do their jobs, Chubb gets 1500 yards this season.

I'm tired of the piss running down my neck being called rain. It's time to perform and get more disciplined. Period. It's time, as Buc has said a million and one times, to coach em' up. I do believe that we will see a vastly improved UGA team this season.

There is simply no reason with the talent UGA has right now to not to take the east in dominant fashion.

I'm really happy to once again share the season with you fine folks here. You make the season fun, passionate, intelligent, and classy. That can't be said for many forums.

May all of our Saturdays finish with W's.

Go Dawgs!
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From Athens-Game Day Friday #1 4 months 2 weeks ago #76744

Always great to read your wisdom, yd1!

And SouthernDawg, I don't think I could pull for FloriDUH even if one of the engines went out on that little plane.

That said, I see a win this weekend for the DAWGS! I'm thinking something along the lines of 20-17, or 21-20. Why so close? Because I have learned from my past mistakes of believing too much in my Dawgs. My rose colored Georgia glasses have too many scratches on them now, and my Kool-Aid seems to have gotten a little stale.

But I'm a BELIEVER!! Now that the Savior has a year under his belt, and now that we have Mecole running routes alongside Terry Godwin, with arguably the very BEST RB rotation (and I'm going all the way down to the last guy sitting on the bench), and certainly ONE of the best TE depth charts around, I think we could have a <good> year ahead. What is it that we've been saying since 2002? No excuses! B)

Offense usually takes a little time to come around (good thing it didn't last year against UNC).

As Buc has reminded us all for the last MANY years . . . O-Line is where the play starts and ends. If the HOSSES do their jobs (and if the game has slowed down just a tad for JE), this could turn out to be an INTERESTING year indeed.

But in keeping with the "one-game-at-a-time" philosophy that many like to follow, I will hold back on predicting the outcome of any further games until we actually get some answers . . . standby . . . TOMORROW NIGHT!!! B)

Football season has done it again . . . it has RETURNED!

My mom passed away this past Father's Day. I shed a few tears (or as my son likes to say, "leaked a little of my awesome from my eyes"). But her passing was the way we'd all be GLAD to go - with a mind still sharp and feeling well right up until the last day, when she had a slight cold, and then left us early the following morning in her sleep. In her honor, I will (try to) watch or listen to every game this year all the way to the 0:00 mark of the 4th quarter, since she never managed to make it past about our second offensive possession without having to walk away in a nervous breakdown. She was truly a DGD!

As always . . . GOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! Sic'em! Woof woof woof!
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The past has passed. Turn the page and MOVE FORWARD.
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From Athens-Game Day Friday #1 4 months 2 weeks ago #76745

Ready to root!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DAWGS! GATA
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The sun shines on a different Dawg every day
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