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:cry: Weather could have been better, but enjoyed UGA again. I have always loved to go back to that place. Faithful, we have a long way to go before September. Joe T did not have a very good outing. I thought he and Cox were trying to see who could throw the most interceptions, which by the way looks like we have some ball hawks in the secondary this year. Stafford looked ok, but he has a ton to learn. Our run defense didn't look too good either but then its only the spring game with the defense split up. Lump looked good, as did T. Brown. New faces all around and I pray some folks step up at WR. Kid Chandler at TE dropped his first 2 then made some catches. Milner did his usual dropsey.

Remains to be seen if the O Line gets it together for the fall, we did the miracle thing with a new O line when DG was QB, can we do it again? Time will tell. (they better work their butts off this summer) Some good spots some not so good, some I worry about. Attitude looks ok but compared to last years G Day this one was a rather poor showing between the hedges. Lots more fans there this year than last too. Keeping my fingers crossed that the kids work on the system and other stuff this summer cause its the SEC! You don't take anyone for granted in this league. Win, lose, or draw....Bulldog for LIFE.... there is no other option.

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I agree with that comment about Milner.. I can't even think about how pissed I was at all the dropped passes last year. Not just from him either, but I have a theory on this problem. The recievers were scared.. I mean, after practicing against Blue, Greg Davis, and Odell Thruman.. I don't think I'd be too keen on catching the ball either :shock:

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although the interceptions worry me to death, i was pleased to see some athletic plays out of our secondary. Now i kno y ReRe Brown is on KO returns. Asher Allen played well too. As did some of our WR. That Kris Durham and Mikey Henderson are wonderful additions to our receivng corps. Durham is just one lanky guy, but hes quick and has got good hands and size. Jason Johnson also showed alot of potential, even though he will likely play scout team considering the horses he has in front of him(Brown, Ware, Lumpkin). Overall, i think this will be an interesting year of football. But its 2007 i look forward to the most. that will be a very talented, very mature team. 2006 is only the calm befor the Storm.

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