Just wanted to give a shout out...

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Just wanted to give a shout out... was created by jacketexterminator24
I can't really say how damn proud of the UGA team i am. I guess it's just kinda setting in that we defied all odds against the Tigers, and our other opponents this year. But most of all, i'm proud of D.J. Words can't describe how proud i am of him. If you ever want to see a true Dawg, Shockley is ur man. For him not to receive player of the year is lunacy. He may not have been undefeated or put up the best stats, but he showed true devotion to the game and his team. That's what being QB is about. and with all due respect to the UGA players of the past, Shockley is and always will be the most admirable player i have ever seen walk between the hedges. Giving up 4 years of football where he easily could have played for another team that was more dominant than Georgia and probably win more hardware than you know what to do with and be a top 3 draft pick. But D.J. showed how much he loved the Dawgs. Just think, had he gone somewhere else, he'd probably be starting QB for some crappy NFL team next year. Instead, he lived his dream and for one year, had one of the best , if not the best, season in the past 23 years for Georgia. Handsdown, D.J. SHockley is my hero.

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Exterminator, what a post!
I totally agree, if DJ would have started since his Sophmore or Freshman year anywhere he would be a Heisman Finalist. I think that he will be a 1st round pick still.

How 'Bout Dem SEC Champion Dawgs!?

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