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For those that aren't familiar with Saxondawg, his posts are well known on numerous dawg boards and he penned the many prophecies of "Ooga" until 2003. I have cross posted several of his works and they rarely fail to produce abundant laughter. Clearly, Saxondawg writes and thinks on a level that personally astounds me! This morning I found his most recent prose, written shortly after the "Hoop Dawgs" destroyed Yech....this simply had to be shared!


I am UGA

by Saxondawg

"I am UGA, and I carry Tech around in a little cage. When I go to
parties, I pull out the little cage so everyone can laugh at the
miserable little bug whimpering and weeping inside it. Sometimes I
take it out and smush it into yellow goo with a football. Sometimes I
smush it with a basketball, sometimes with a baseball. Doesn't matter
whether I use a tiddly wink, it's really fun to smush. And the best
thing about the scrawny little bug in the cage is that it's
constantly re-smushable, and it weeps and whines just as much every
time I smush it. I love owning Georgia Tech."

If Abraham Lincoln were still around, he might find the UGA fanbase
in violation of the Emancipaton Proclamation. We have branded the
Arch on their collective butt. We have shackled their little pencil-
thin legs.

My friends, Georgia Tech is a fully owned subsidiary of the
University of Georgia Athletic Department.

If Georgia Tech were an island, it would have a big UGA flag right in
the middle, and Michael Adams would already be setting up a bogus
research facility on it.

If Georgia Tech were a song, Mark Richt would get a nice check in the
mail whenever it was played.

If Georgia Tech ever gets misplaced, it will end up in the Lost and
Found bin, and Damon will walk up and say, "That belongs to me, thank
you very much. I OWN IT."

As a UGA fan, I deducted Tech from my taxes last year. If I were only
renting Tech, I couldn't do that. Fact is, I OWN TECH. YOU DO TOO.
When I get hungry, I go over and raid Chan Gailey's refrigerator.
Dave Braine is over here at my place cleaning the gutters. After
that, he's going to shine my shoes, and he's going to like it.

He has to, because I own him.

It's really nice to own someone.

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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That was a good ol' post!

How 'Bout Dem SEC Champion Dawgs!?

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Damn Good. Simply cuz it's true.

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