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GEORGIA football is... a year round obsession with the Dawgs, parking Friday at 4:30 and saving spaces or getting up earlier than you do during the week just to get that tailgating spot, it's standing on "The Bus", Loud Music, Red Cars and Georgia Tags. It's seeing your best friends pull into the parking lot, catching up with all your Bulldog buddies and tailgating, tailgating, tailgating. It's Champagne after a win and just the right red and black clothes and shoes. It's leaving Tuesday for Jacksonville and getting chills in 95-degree F weather when the team takes the field. It's G Day and Picture Day and Signing Day and Bulldog Club meetings and getting into practice. GEORGIA football is the players: Herschel, Hines, Henderson and Worley, Belue to Lindsay Scott, Zeier to Hastings; It's Tate, Garrison, Edwards and Hampton. Greene to Johnson and David Pollack. It's Ben Smith, Chuck Carswell, Olandis, Bobo to Allen, and Champ and Boss. It's watching your personal favorites and pulling for that special walk-on player. It's the Redcoats spelling out G E O R G I A, UGA attacking that AU guy Baker and Hairy Dawg. GEORGIA football is GOOOOO DAWGS.....SIC'EM woof woof woof woof! It's hating orange and bees and gators and cocks. It's Munson and his cigar and "Whaddaya got Loren?" GEORGIA football is Coach Dooley dancing down the sidelines, Erk with a blood-streaked forehead and Coach Richt yelling, "How 'bout them Dawgs" . It's missing Lewis Grizzard and Catfish and wishing for just one more article about Tech. It's Silver Britches and Red Helmets with the "G". It's ringing the bell and winning and bowl games. It's watching the team warm up, standing for the national anthem, "high five's" after touchdowns and yelling at the referees. It's road trips without tickets, and "I need 2". It's Guthries, Steverinos, The Varsity and the Blind Pig. It is meeting the team and hugging the players and the stadium shaking with the cheer.....GEORGIA.........BULLDOGS! GEORGIA football is those feelings that you never get over like beating Florida, Overtime at Auburn, Hobnail Boots in Knoxville, the party after beating Clemson, and partying on Bourbon Street as SEC CHAMPS! It's last minute drives to win the game, watching your favorite player leave the field for the last time, one foot in and one handed catches, interceptions and unbelievable touchdowns and holding your breath over last minute field goals. It's those wonderful memories that keep you coming back again and again even when things don't look so good. GEORGIA football is Sanford Stadium and the Hedges and PRIDE, and "IT'S GREAT TO BE A GEORGIA BULLDOG!!!"

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Wow man...

that is truly what it is all about, it isn't about winning the BCS Championship or anything like that...
I would rather beat FL than being National Champs...

How 'Bout Dem SEC Champion Dawgs!?

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Its all that and more. Its the shivers you get coming back to Athens and Sanford. Where the hair stands up on the back of your neck and for some inexplicable reason you get that "feeling". Its that choked up feeling you get when you see and hear the heart of UGA. Every home game I get the "almost tears" feeling that makes Athens such a very special place. Its like you know this is home and very very special. Its the sad feeling you get when you watch the seniors play their last game and you know you're gonna miss them like a member of your family. But you know that there will be others to take that special place in your heart. Its the feeling that there is no other place on earth that can envoke so much emotion both good and not so good. There is no other place I'd rather be than Athens, Georgia on a fall afternoon watching the DAWGS play. Over the many years of chasing these hounds from all over the world my time spent in that special place makes it all worth the effort. To the DAWG Nation, never change and keep the faith. My retirement plans are to retire near Athens so I'm never far away from that special place that is so much of me. (got 5-10 more to go) BULLDOG FOREVER!

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18 years 4 months ago #418 by NC_Dawg
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the post noted above was originally written several years ago by G Lady and has been slightly edited to reflect current events. It does describe what being a bulldawg is all about!

Thanks for the crosspost!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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