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I found this posted on another Dawg board. It is a well written recipe, with a historical slant, on what we must do, in order to become SEC Champions.

HISTORY REPEATS.............

posted by Dawg151

This is a story about a young college head coach taking on a
powerhouse that had crushed all hopes in previous years. In fact,
his team had played this powerhouse before on a similar stage and
the powerhouse team beat them by a large margin. This powerhouse
had players that were as skilled and as athletic as any the sport
had ever, physical, dominating. There was absolutely no
way that their athleticism could be matched. The only possible way
that they could be beaten was by taking advantage of every single
opportunity, playing as physical as possible and never backing down
in the face of overwhelming adversity. This coach's team had been
tested before and the trials and tribulations had only made them
tougher...harder...more battle-ready, but the challenge that lay
before them was immense. Most of the so-called experts thought this
coach's team was a better than average team, but they never would
put them in that same category as this powerhouse they were about to
play. The powerhouse team was as a different level. This
powerhouse team deserved to be among the elite. They had endured
some struggles througout their race to the championship, but in the
end, they had managed to survive, showing grit and determination of
their own.

Then, the moment came. It was time for this young coach to lead his
team against this powerhouse. No one really gave this young coach
and his team much of a chance. After all, look at who they were
facing! It was almost a foregone conclusion of who would win and
who would take a backseat as far as respect goes. The winner would
be praised and rewarded while the loser would become an afterthought.

This young coach's name? Herb Brooks.

His team? The 1980 US Olympic hockey team.

The powerhouse? The USSR Olympic hockey team.

The result? USA 4 - USSR 3.

The Americans would go on to win gold in those Olympics and forever
cemented their place in history as a team, a cohesive unit, that
would not back down in the face of enormous adversity.

There will be tremendous adversity for the Georgia Bulldogs to face
in the Dome tomorrow night. They are going up against a
powerhouse...a team that the so-called experts have placed among the
nation's elite. These same experts think Georgia is a better than
average team, but they are not ready to give them the same amount of
respect and credit that they will bestow upon the LSU Tigers. After
all, this LSU bunch is as skilled and as athletic as any other team
in the, physical, dominating. There is absolutely no
way their athleticism can be matched or exceeded. The only way to
beat them is by not backing fighting until you can fight
no more. The Dawgs must take advantage of every single opportunity
that comes their way. Sure, these Dawgs have been tested before and
it has made them tougher...harder...more battle-ready, but this
cahllenge that waits for them in the Dome is immense. It was on
this exact stage, this national stage, just a couple of years ago
where they were embarassed by LSU, and here they find themselves
again facing a team with more speed, more talent and more sheer
athleticism than any they have seen all season. As if that wasn't
enough, this LSU bunch had also been challenged throughout the
course of the season and had survived showing grit and determination
of their own. Is it really possible for Georgia to beat this
powerhouse LSU team in the same arena where the Dawgs have been
embarassed before?

We've gone through this season remembering the 1980 Georgia national
championship team. Well, this weekend, there is another
championship team that played back in 1980 the Dawgs need to try and
emulate. The Dawgs can be champions, but they will have to give it
everything that they have and then some. They will have to take
advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. They will have
to withstand the initial assault. They cannot back down. They
cannot break. They will have to fight.

Remember 1980!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO DAWGS !!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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Well said, good post!

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speechless. awesome post. it's saturday morning, as though it were christmas, and now i'm pumped. Cajuns had their time in the spotlight. Dawgs get it tonight GO DAWGS! and thanks for one of the best years i've ever had watching college football. win or lose, i'll be a bulldawg through, and through. i'm proud of you guys, you seniors, and the rest of ya'll, well it's never to early to start out on the right foot.

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