Instead of Seven Notes, It's Seven Points!!!!!!!

18 years 5 months ago #343 by NC_Dawg
The analogy occurred to me the other day! As so often in the past, I've posted many well written threads authored by rabid Dawgs of yore, that one particular post has an unfortunate, counter interpretation.

"Seven Notes", an ode giving praise to our battle hymn "Glory". Yet this year, instead of seven notes, it's seven points that separate the Dawgs from Glory!

As with the UF loss, I'll not belabor, criticise nor arm-chair coach that which is obvious. Instead, I've found comfort in recollecting my expectations for the 2005-2006 season, which, as memory serves, predicted a season not unlike the one currently unfolding. The only noticable difference in that which was considered "possible" to that which has "occurred", is.....SEVEN POINTS!

A mere touchdown and place kick of points changes this season from absolute greatness to one that...well...ain't to damn bad! I, like everyone, got caught up in the possibility that something great could occur this season and it could have, but didn't! We were close, seven points close and that is what makes college football the all encompassing icon that it is!

I've had the opportunity to read a great many posts from other sites, where finger pointing and second guessing have ruled the day! Not me and thankfully, not here! Having lived through Dooley, Goof and Donnan, I honestly believe that the Richt era will surpass all of our expectations and be written as a time of great prosperity for the Dawg Nation.

So, with a win over UK, WE represent the SEC east and will probably face LSU in the SECC. Not bad for a team that was picked preseason to finish 3rd/4th in the eastern division!...Sure seven more points would have been nice, but considering the downside of our predicted finish, balanced against the history of the late 80's and 90's, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

Seven Notes:

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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18 years 5 months ago #346 by oledawg
Well said. I look at the posts on the Banner Herald too and can't believe what these folks are thinking or writing. You'd think we were having a season like UT, UK, or Vandy. Geez!

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18 years 4 months ago #348 by jwthompson1962
Replied by jwthompson1962 on topic Re: Instead of Seven Notes, It's Seven Points!!!!!!!
Good post NC_Dawg. It seems at times, we have all got caught up in the possibilty of something truly great happening this year. So much sio, that we forgot what had been expected of us by the so-called experts. I hate that we lost to UF and Auburn, and back to back. But, we are still having a great season, one that has already exceeded many's expectations! And as you pointed out, we were a TD away from a SUPER SEASON! I also am one who believes that Richt will lead the Dawgs to the National Title Game before it's over with. Look at what he has accomplished in his 5 seasons in Athens to date. We can safely say that we have one of the best coaches in the country, and that the future of UGA football is looking tremendously bright!


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