How many times will the Evil Genius throw the visor ?

18 years 6 months ago #33 by Elvisdawg
8) I go for about 3 times with the DAWGS D making a turnover and possibly turning that turnover into points and Ole Steve finding out that a fighting gamecock againist a BULLDAWG is what Clemson likes to call a "chicken pickin"......I also wonder how many games it will take Steve to find out Columbia aint the swamp. If we get a chance to take anyone in a blowout let it be this game, we owe the s*b for the last time he was in Sanford and i sat what comes around, goes around . GO DAWGS AND STOMP THE "limpcocks" !!!!

There is no greater stadium than Sanford, no greater running back than Walker and nothing greater in all of football than being a Georgia Bulldog !

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18 years 6 months ago #34 by southgadawg
i am glad hes not in the swamp anymore

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18 years 6 months ago #35 by NC_Dawg
Perhaps the humbling NFL experience taught the "old" ball coach a thing or two!...From all that I've read, old Steve has been rather subdued, even to the point of down playing this year's potential. Could this be a ploy? Perhaps, but it would be a ploy unlike the Darth Visor of old!...

On the flip side, CMR is not one to run up the score. With the noted example of NATS in 03, CMR isn't prone to bully or acquire a measure of "back @ cha", for reasons that what is sewn will be reaped!

That being said, Darth Visor will probably toss his trademark, once or twice, before the realism comes to roost, not this year and perhaps not for many more to come!

I believe this year will be one of surprises for the SEC. I invision our underestimated Dawgs will shock more than a few of the pundits and prognosticators, who've heaped accolades and praise upon the likes of UT, UF and USC. While I don't expect to win them all, the possibility exists and our schedule makes the probability all the more exciting! Likewise, UT's schedule is BRUTAL and I'm not in the least bit sold on the Urban Legend residing in the swamp!

Mark old NC's words,....this could be an odd and exciting year for our Dawgs! Less media attention provides incentive to "prove" ourselves, while we are allowed the opportunity to play fast and loose! Flying under the radar for the first half of the season can be a good thing, worked for Allbarn, LSU and USC....the west coast variety!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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