Wow - We actually do have an offense

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Wow - We actually do have an offense was created by paramedic06997
I was actually amazed at the offensive production from georgia. Are we conservative that we were holding back all season? All the dumb calls that we have seen all year didn't make it to Athens last night. Take away the turnovers and we win by 13. We found a reciever other than Pope. Shock was amazing. Defense did all they could, but we have asked too much from them all season. And face it, Auburn is an awesome team with an amazing coaching staff. But in the end we went back to being conservative and you can't sit on a 2 point lead in a game like that with 4 min. left and a team like Auburn. But we are a lot better than I thought we were. It's good to finally know that at lease Georgia has what it takes to get there, may be we will one day.

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:oops: :oops: :oops: Paramedic we needed you Saturday night to stop or at least slow down the bleeding. The defence looked like a like a broken record againist the run, as it has looked like all season. Every team that had a good running back gained over a 100yrds against us. We appear to be very slow compared to other teams we face. Mr. Blue needs to play line backer, not safety. He can't cover and he is too slow. He is a killer against the run and is big enough to play line backer. That will be his position in the pros. Where are all our great running backs? We haven't had a 100yrd rusher in the past two seasons. Running back by committee is not working. A back needs 10 to 15 carries just to get the feel of the game. We need to stick with our best back long enough for him to get the feel of the game, then give him a breather. We use to be Tailback U, what has happened? Auburn proved that the running game is necessary to open the passing game. We are playing too much of an FSU offence. I am not trying to tell the coaches how to coach, that's their job. This is just what I have witnessed this year. Another thing that bothers me is that we have not beaten all three of the big three in a given year. That would be Tenn., Fla., and Auburn. Now you can throw the Gamecocks into the mix. They will be good next year, the "evil one" has got them up and running. Sorry for all the negative comments, but this what I have been seeing. Shock was great, but he can't carry the team by himself. We have all these great players, but they are not playing as a team. The coaches need to get their ATTENTION!!!!!
As always, GO DAWGS!!!!!! I HOPE!!!!!! :?: :?: :?: :?:

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18 years 5 months ago #338 by jwthompson1962
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I agree DawgDoc. UGA used to be known for great tailbacks, we haven't had one since maybe, Robert Edwards. And he was not really the caliber of Herschell Walker or Garrison Hearst. He had the potential, but after that broken foot he never did live up to expectations. We are just to inconsistent on offense and defensively we are not as fast as Bama or LSU. I also agree with you about Blue, he would be a lot more effective at linebacker. But, even so, no way should you leave the middle of the field open like that on 4th and 10. Even with a run threat like Irons, you can't leave your downfield unprotected, especially the middle.

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