Don't Get Discouraged!

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Don't Get Discouraged! was created by jwthompson1962
Hey Dawg Fans, let's don't get discouraged about the loss to the
barners! We are still in the drivers seat for SEC East, thanks to Steve Spurrier of all people! Give the Aubbies credit the played a helluva game and so did we. Had some bad calls by the refs, but let's not whine about it. True Dawg fans are bigger than that. We didn't do a good job stopping Kenny Irons and that hurt us a lot. But, DJ looked great coming back, so we are looking good from here on out![/code]

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I am now giving lee way to Spurrier for saving our butts, but sliding into the SECCG by beating Kentucky is not how u want to do it. Yes, we'll probably beat the Catz for the division, but i'm worried about who we'll meet in the SECCG. Both LSU and 'Bama can run and if they're any better than us thats exactly what they'll do when they meet us there. God, where are those Junkyard Dawgs when you need them.

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