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18 years 6 months ago #322 by bugman dawg
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What is going on??? I think Kenny Irons is STILL running.......he may not stop until he gets back to Auburn.

We have to make a change at the half, they are on pace for over 300 yards on the ground

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18 years 6 months ago #330 by jacketexterminator24
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That Auburn game proved to me once and for all that UGA is definitley average at best. Notice that Irons wasn't running as much the second half, we finally picked up on the run, but yes, the first half was a one man show. Golston and Anderson are obviously still hurting or our defense just sux. But What got me and sent me home with my tail between my legs was the fact that Martinez was dumb enough to sneak Blue and Battle up to the line of scrimage with only Paul Oliver covering deep on that 4th and 11. At that point I knew it wasn't meant to be.

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18 years 6 months ago #337 by jwthompson1962
Replied by jwthompson1962 on topic Re: run defense
I agree with you jacket, leaving the middle wide open like that was just asking for disaster. I assume the "D" suspected them to give Irons the ball, but even so, YOU HAVE TO PROTECT DOWNFIELD! On 4th and 10 you can't give up a 60+ yard pass play. That was a bad defensive decision. Something similar happened in the 82' Sugar Bowl against Dan Marino and the Pitt Panthers. UGA was leading 20-17 with less than a minute to go in the 4th. Pitt had a 4th and 5 at the Dawg 33, UGA blitzed, Pitt picked it up and Marino burned them with a a TD pass to TE John Brown. Broke my damn heart! I was in the army then and had a bet with a buddy that was from Pittsburgh and a big Pitt fan. Needless to say, I lost a $100 on that game.

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