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OK,...I took a much needed hiatus from posting, partly to allow my own personal anger to ebb and eventually pass, and to resist the automatic human response to question everything and everyone involved in Saturday's loss. With a much clearer sense of purpose, coupled with a videotaped review of game, IMVHP the game turned on the first seven minutes! It wasn't playcalling, a failure from Joe T III, redzone blocking, the setting sun, the swirling wind, missed field goals, dropped passes, a UF bye week, the games location, a UGA team riddled with injuries, kismet, fate or voodoo. Basically, UF had a better game plan, at least initially, that resulted in 14 very quick points! That's it! They made more plays than we did and as a result, they won!

We can airchair QB and Coach this till the cows come home, but it won't change the outcome. It is, or was a typical day in college football and all the woulda, shoulda, coulda won't amount to much. This was an opportunity missed, but by no means was it a defining moment for this season.

We must regroup, recoup and refocus our attention to the next milestone,...Allbarn. The Dawgs are still very much in control of their destiny and with wins over the wareagletigerplainsmens and the wildcats, WE will be playing in the Dome, while the Urban Crier and Crew are forced to watch and ponder the woulda, coulda, and shoulda of their season....

Ashdawg, thanks for the compliment, but my proficiency at coaching MUST remain deeply rooted in my LazyBoy....lest the Dawg Nation would rattle their sabres and speak in unified lynching tones, the likes that haven't been heard since the days of Goff and Donnon!!!


GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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:oops: :oops: :oops: I could not agree with you more, NCDAWG. I didn't post before the game and waited several days post game to compose my thoughts. They are simple WE GOT BEAT BY A TEAM THAT PLAYED THE GAME BETTER THAN WE DID. That was last Saturday. What happenes Saturday week is up to this team and coaches. The fans and alumni thoughts will have nothing to do with the outcome. Only the team itself and the coaches can right the ship and win the upcoming games. If they don't, we could loose to Auburn and Tech. Please give them all the support we can muster. Hope to see the Dawgs in the Dome.
As always, GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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18 years 8 months ago #288 by oledawg
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AGREED! MOVE ON UF is history! They can watch the SEC CG on TV. Hey guys and gals, my UT friends are passing a rumor that UGA is interested in Sanders as OC at UGA, RUMOR or REAL?????

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I'm sorry I couldn't back-up any of you. Wilma did a job on us - through the weekend, no power, no running water, no communication except verizon cell, and we were flooded in. I wasn't able to watch the game, or to add my comments, so blame it all on me. I didn't back up the dawgs as I wanted to.

But I did see the replay. It was evident that UFL's two weeks off were used in preparing for the first quarter. I thought all of our back-ups were great! It was a football game! Don't read any more into it than the truth on the table. It was the zenith of UFL's season, but ours is already much better!
Go Dawgs

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18 years 8 months ago #290 by southernlover
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NC_Dawg, you said a mouthfull. I live in Jax and I work with a lot of Gators. It took me three days to even check the board five for this post. It's been a tough week to say the least. The dawgs will be back and we'll roll on Auburn and take our much deserved trip to Atlanta. Heading up to Statesboro this weekend to watch my Eagles take on #1 Furman.

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18 years 8 months ago #291 by jacketexterminator24
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The best cure for a loss to those gaturs is beating them in the long run. I hope to see every dawg fan alive in Athens barking up a storm and taking us to that next level of going to the SEC championship. Of course not going undefeated in ur division leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but winning the SEC East will take that taste away. MOVE ON DAWGS, THE FIGHT ISN'T OVER YET! GO DAWGS!

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