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All the weapons should be back and healthy. We need a game like 2 years ago when on the second play Thomas Davis hit Williams, picked him up and drove him into the turf! Set the tone for the game and the Cadillac never was a factor in the game after that. Setting the tone is key, emotion must be up and determination displayed. Just like the UT game.

We play like the UT game and the PETs are in for a long day. Running backs hit the holes with power and the OL blows them off the line of scrimmage. Spread the ball around and keep them guessing. (which is what they did to us last year by the way) Every defensive hit is punishment, good ole UGA football. ITS PAYBACK TIME!!!!!

Beat AU and UK and we are in Atlanta. GO DAWGS!!!!!

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You are right on we have to hit hard, hit often, and hit repeatedly if we hit these guys then we should control the momentum which is a crucial factor in college football. Not to mention we should have everyone healthy for the first time since i can't remember.

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