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This painful streak of losses to the Gaturds started in 1993. We've lost 14 times since then and funny enough, 1993 is when the Gaturds strated have a week off befor the Cocktail Party. I'm not saying this is UF's cheap way of beating us, but instead UGA's stupid mistake of not having an off weak befor this game. Being rested for Auburn is good, but i'm getting tired of having a good season with one loss to the damn gaturds than a grest season like in 1980. I'm pleaing with the AD to change that schedule around. Another loss to the Gaturds that ruins a good season like this, and i'll never watch another UGA game again. the is streak has got to end and obviously it hasn't always been the players not being good enough. Our coaching is definitley better than theirs and the only thing i can see is that they are just more healthy going into Jax. We need a week off befor this game. Look at the dawgs against Tenn. we killed them this year and we had an off week befor the game in Knox.
Despite the loss though, i'll be in Athens against the Tigers and cheer those Dawgs to the SECCG. UF may have won the battle, but they sure as hell won't win the War. GO DAWGS!

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