Coaches had no confidence in JT

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JT has 4 years learning the offense but the coaches obviously had no confidence in him executing it. How many QB draws are you going to run on 3rd down and expect the fool the D?? That last one on 3rd and 11 was just to set up a 4th down play. Again, no confidence that we could actually run a play and pick up 10 or 11 on 3rd down. Way too conservative!!
Another thing, JT kept getting balls knocked down at the line. When he had clear throwing lanes he threw the ball well....when the recievers could make the catch :roll: . Why not roll him out of the pocket that didn't exist and give him a little more time to throw in a clear lane or run like they wanted to do anyway :idea: :idea: ???
AND speaking of the recievers, I agree the legacy of Mr. Mclendon and Mr. Bailey(the daddy's) and the experience of Bryan and Sean should have given them the first look at reciever at the beginning of the year. The most consistant recievers, in my opinion, have been MOMASS and HARRIS.
Don't get me wrong, I love Coach Richt, but he definately didn't have confidence in JT to execute or the O-line to protect or was it the recievers to catch :shock:? He called a wayyy tooo conservative game.
Just the way I saw it anyway. By the way, the D looked pretty good the last 3 quarters.


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I completely agree. The QB draw was called way too many times. JTIII is a D1 college QB. Let him throw the ball on 3rd and 11!!!!!!!!!! The kids played their hearts out, but the coaches let them down with a sickeningly conservative gameplan. I love the Dawgs and always will, but our playcalling has got to change. Just look at our pathetic redzone #'s. Less than 50% TD rate in the redzone-unacceptable. OK-we lost a game that we were not supposed to win anyway-oh well. Let's run the rest of the table and get to the SEC Championship. If we stay healthy that is just what should happen.

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