Vegas Disrespect!!!!!!

18 years 8 months ago #224 by NC_Dawg
Vegas Disrespect!!!!!! was created by NC_Dawg
God I love it.....Now Vegas has joined ranks with the disrespecting media gurus and are projecting UF a 5.5 favorite!...Can you say INCENTIVE!!!!....BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!

Let the talking heads ramble and project our demise, this will polarize and galvanize this team. We've been underestimated and disrespected all season, which will make our victory over UF even sweeter than the seven others that fell before them!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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18 years 8 months ago #231 by jacketexterminator24
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Amen. In my opinion that is the nicest and best thing the media can do for a team. Remember Boise St.? I sure do. The Dawgs came out and punched the once highly touted Broncos in the mouth and ended their season wihtout hesitation all because the media down played us. It's fuel for the players. Let the media talk all they want,and smile when somebody from "oh i like that teams colors, lets pick them" Times downplays a good team. The dawgs will come to play and won't hesitate to stick it to the belly flops. GO DAWGS!

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18 years 8 months ago #234 by Ashdawg
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Well as much as vegas underestimates us, I guess the betting public dosen't ! This afternoon the line came out at 5.5 and as of 11:00 tonight it is down to 4. It takes a lot to move a line a point and a half in a week much less a DAY! We will be okay. Joe T. will show he can actually play after sitting behind the all time wins leader in college football and one of the top QB recruits in the country a few years ago. Last sat. you could not expect him to jump into a ferreri after driving a voltswagon all week and be perfect. A week with the first off. will do a world of good, and people forget about the "just for funs" wishbone JT led in the spring game versus our first D, They could not stop it and the gaytors woulden't be able to either, they have not stopped the run aganist any one on this side of wyoming this year! Besides I would feel a lot worse if all of our DEFENSE were not starting this week, but I think they will show up! GTBB! TAKE ALL THE POINTS THAT THEY WILL GIVE US AND YOU WILL GO HOME WITH SOME JINGLE IN YOUR POCKET AND A SMILE ON YOUR FACE! LEAVING EARLY FRI. ASHDAWG

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