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The forum is run by Dawg fans. It is for mature, respectable conversation about our Georgia Dawgs. We welcome all newcomers, even rival team fans.

We require that you abide by our rules of behavior. Use of this forum indicates your agreement to these rules.

1. Respect. This forum was started in 1997 and has many members that have been around that long. To get respect you have to give respect. Don't over do it, just have simple respect for other's perspective on things. That creates fruitful, positive conversation.

2. RANK PRIVILEGES: Anyone the rank of Junkyard Dawg or Sage can post news related links. Everyone be aware if you see a link by these folks that does not mean the policy is not enforced very strictly. It is enforced at all times. Some of these folks also serve as stealth moderators to watch for forum abuse.

3. LINKS: No link posting. We are not coming here to talk about our beloved Dawgs and see messages wanting us to visit the greatest web site ever built which also happens to be your site. Anyone posting links is automatically banned. We are beyond tired of this and have no patience for it.

4. Everyone is encouraged that instead of links to news or blogs, simply cut and paste the part of the article you want to share into the message on the forum, then, and this is very important, give the author and publisher credit. (such as \"joe smith, AJC\" ) That way the folks that can't follow the link for some reason or another can participate.

5. No smack talk. Nothing disrespectable is to be said about anyone or anything. We are beyond tired of this also. You will be automatically banned for violations.

6. Rivals are welcome. We want them to pick a user name so we will know what team the represent. They receive the same respect that Dawgs fans get as long as the have respect for the Dawg fans. Otherwise they get banned.

Please do not make us enforce these rules. There are other things we had rather be doing. We are always open to discuss and modify these rules. Email editor at if you have a suggestion and we can discuss it.

Welcome all and Go Dawgs

For winning the Natty give every Dawg a bone AND prime rib steak.
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