We must not rest on the past

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We must not rest on the past was created by oledawg
YES, the UT game was great. Did I see us get out of man to man in the secondary and go to zones? Created a little long ball problem for UT by keeping their receivers in front of us. ABSOLUTELY A GREAT GAME!! But UT is behind us now and we need to move to the next opponent!

Vandy bless their hearts is have a wonderful season. We need to focus on them and how to beat the Dores! Remember the year we lost to both Vandy and KY???? Not pretty. Focus and one game at a time and we'll get to the party. Lets take care of business, we have the TEAM, We've shown the country and conference what the BIG DAWGS can do as a TEAM now lets keep the learning and improving curve on the up side! Keeping my fingers crossed that there are no injuries.


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However, the time and era you reference were under a different coach, with greatly differed game plans, coaching staff and team mentality. While I am certain that we will see, at least 2, perhaps 3 quarters of vanilla conservatism, this team, coach and coaching staff are not likely to completely implode.

Likewise, the Dores have weapons and should not be underestimated, but their ability to tolerate 4 quarters of a beat down are highly suspect. If the Dawgs play sharply focused, near penality free football, it will be a long and painful day for the Dores. If we are sloppy, slow and unmotivated, we will need the D to keep it close, wear the Dores down and pull out an ugly win in the 4th. Either way you stack it, this will be a W in the end.

My money is on the former. This team has a certain chemistry that we've not seen in some time. I gotta feeling that we are all about to see, first hand, the next generation of highlight reels that our children will fondly refer to as "Glory Years"!!!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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18 years 6 months ago #179 by jgriffin
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I believe that NC_Dawg's comment is on target. As a coincidence, an avid gator fan, in a rare realistic moment, told me he didn't believe anyone had seen the real Dawgs yet. Then, I read an article on the Pro games this week by Bill Simmons, ESPN, that some pro teams haven't had to "bring the kitchen sink", so why show it. I've been considering that coach Richt and Company are playing close to the vest. I believe they carried the "kitchen sink" to Tenn, but because playing with discipline was enough, they didn't have to reveal it. If this is a fact, then hat's off to DJ for putting it into practice. His disciplined leadership is apparent. Please don't throw in the kitchen sink until its needed!

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