More Media Disrespect!!!!!!!

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More Media Disrespect!!!!!!! was created by NC_Dawg
In an earlier thread, much discussion was held regarding the seemingly unending level of disrespect aimed at the SEC and the Dawgs in particular. With that in mind, check out the links below. Glaring examples of how the "pundits" and "sports professionals" dish out more mental masturbatorial prognostications for the remaining season! Interesting,!!!! In the first article, I see no reference whatsoever to UGA in any BCS projection. Equally fascinating is that these very same "writers" who annointed Phat Foolmer and the Urban Myth as 2005 giants in the SEC seem to have aborted that bandwagon for the Crimson Tide! The last article speculates that the reason for UGA's success is because everyone else is sooooo bad!

No respect...Just the way I want it!...Flying low and slow under the radar, stealth like and focused! This season is shaping up to be something very special and the media idiots are playing their role to perfection!

Judge for yourself:

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." - Bluto

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it seems as if the writer is upset because we have no cutesy names for our offense or defense. Instead we favor boring, dull, and outdated names such as defense and offense. I'm seriously wonder what CMR does with his days if he isn't thinking up a overly catchy nick-name for what has already been established. I mean what could he be doing preparing next weeks gameplan? By the way in that second article, where was Pope. The high victar of tight ends has been amazing this season and no one seems to notice. He is THE playmaker this year. Pope can run through the middle and if shockley fires a high pass Pope has it. He runs people over and sacrifices his body for plays. Yeah sure rant and rave about shockley for heisman (well deserved) but my support is with Pope the man.

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