Very Proud of the UGA Bulldog Football TEAM

18 years 1 month ago #168 by oledawg
Why, because they took the time and effort to console Jason Allen when he went down. Allen is a primo individual on a less than stellar performing team this year. It did not go unnoticed by the announcers either. What a tremendous display of PURE CLASS and SPORTSMANSHIP by the players from UGA. This is the way the game should be ..... no trash talk, no finger pointing, no cheap shots, just go head to head, trade helmet paint and when its over the best team wins. Shake the other guys hand and get on with preparing for the next game. Man oh man was I proud of our team!!!! Great job players, coaches, and fans!!!!!! IF we continue to play together as a team like this one, who knows where we'll end up. And just think what that does for the future in recruiting. GOOD DAWGS!!!!!

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18 years 1 month ago #175 by Redcoatdawg
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If you noticed saturday. Baby Clausen got a bit hot under the collar after our boys pushed him back on his "touchdown run" (he never broke the plane from my view) and started yammering. Several of their line guys tried to start a push fest but our boys threw their hands up and let the refs handle it. man am i proud to be a georgia boy.

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18 years 1 month ago #176 by NC_Dawg
UFK's latest version of west coast "Pickle" QB's lost his cool on more than one occassion. Seems that Lil' Ricky was prone to giving a one finger salute toward the "Red & Black" section.


Without a doubt, the UFK program continues to produce classless, clueless thugs and NFL wannabe's. Foolmer sends his thugs postgame to guard the glorious "T", but failed throughout the course of 60 minutes to defend its endzones!

I am extremely thankful for CMR and the program that he has brought to UGA. Our sportsmanship is evident before, during and after each game!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

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