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:lol: :lol: I like the rest of the posters I loved the outcome of the Tenn. game. I think we finally turned off that obnoxious "Big Orange" fans, at least until next year. The team played well, especially the defence. I thought our play against the run was outstanding. DJ did good (well) except for the interception, the fumble was a striped ball. The backs ran well, Brown had over 100yrds rushing. We have to be careful from here on in or that perfect season being talked about could be gone as quick as a flash. We have 6 games left in the regular season and any one the the teams we face could beat us. Don't overlook the Vandys of the football world, cause they could up and bite us in our "sitdown". I watched them play LSU and they were in the game until their defence just got worn out. I have been to Nashville and witnessed the Dawgs get beat when we should have won with ease. I'm going to Amelia Island for the Fla. game. One of my clients gave me 2 tickets when they heard I was going to miss the game. Been going down there for 42yrs. Play a little golf, eat some good seafood and watch the Dawgs. A great long weekend. Everyone keep the faith. As Always, GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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