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Lets hope the URENGE VOLES (root eaters) are beat up and tired this Saturday. We need a no mistake game against the Philbillies in their back yard. UT needs one more Sec loss to be out of the picture for the championship game and I'm hoping we send the Great Urenge fans home early in the 3rd quarter like we did the last time we were in town.

UT finally found their leader in Clausen. Believe me folks this kid has his head in the game and uses it. The VOLES believe in him and he is their selected co captain. Fat Phil had nothing to say about it. RC called home to California after Full Fatmer slapped him in the face with the selection of Ainge as "our quarterback of the future" statement. RC didn't want to be at UT any longer and didn't want to make the LSU trip. His family got him to go but I wonder what Phat Phil would be saying now if Rick had not gone.

Meyer got his taste of a good "D" at UA this week, Leak in not the guy to run his offense and it showed. It also showed the lack of depth the lizards have. Oh, hey Urban, enjoy your visit to LSU thats coming up.

GO DAWGS!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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I think that if the Vols start anges then we can blow the Vols out early but then shockley and the rest of the team need to keep there focus and do let clausen get to them like he did against LSU . we can beat anges but i think clausen can give us a hard time . Danny anges is another Boise State QB . i think we will win big and that is what we need :D 8) :wink: :D :D :D :D

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